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    Dear Everyone!

    My story starts with last years dermatologist visit.

    I showed the doctor my moles in January 2018, she only asked if I already have a baby or just planning, because I had one mole she thought I shloud get rid of before pregnancy. Another tip was to observe myself, take photoes of my moles. Ok, I did the photoes and completely forgot about the whole visit.

    Than I got preganat :) and as my body changed, I began to realize that one of my moles (on my breast) is growing. My mom and my husband both told me that it must be because my breast is growing as well.

    Well, it seemed like a logic reason.

    My baby boy was born in February, and he began to breastfeed. I was waiting till he reached 4 moths and than I went to the dermatologist to get rid of the mole, because I was afraid that my baby will hurt it during eating. I waited for the pathology for a month (I was relaxed about it, I thougth that if anything was wrong they would have called me immediately). I was wrong.

    Melanoma malignum SSM

    Clark III

    Breslow 0.48

    Mitotic rate 1>mm2

    Ulceration, Invasion, TIL –

    Regression present >75%, early

    It shocked me. I visited the oncologist (Hungarian Institute of Oncology) and she was like it was nothing special. Chest x-ray, stomach and armpit ultrasoud negative, I had a reoperation, the area is tumor free.

    She said that it was low risk melanoma, no need any andjuvant therapies, nor node biopsy. Just controls in every 3 months.

    Another suspicious mole must be removed (already done, waiting for pathology)

    After it I was positive and relaxed until I read the whole pathology report, googled, and found that in my case there are many infos that make it “high risk”.

    Cell type: Epitheloid

    Location: Trunk

    TIL missing

    Regression >75%

    Clark 3 depht

    And here I am in panic again. I feel like that my life is ruined.

    We planned more babies, but the doctor said it is not recommended for 3-5 years. I am 33 now, I’ m running out of time.

    We wanted to buy a house, but it would not be a clever idea to have a loan for 10 years with this diagnosis.

    If there is anyone with similar diagnosis (many bad progression factors) please write some positive thoughts and experiences.

    Thank you :(

    Catherine Poole

    Yes, a .48 breslow thickness is LOW RISK. There really wasn’t anything alarming about your pathology report. Do not google around to find otherwise unless you go on a site that has the HonCode designation as we do, which means scientific back up for the material on the site. If you have many moles, be sure to have photography so that you can watch the moles for change. Otherwise, enjoy your baby and live in the moment.


    Dear Catherine!

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I was wondering that is it ok that the doc did not offered me the lymph node biopsy?

    Only x-ray, ultrasound and dermatologist visit in every 3 months.

    Is this the normal protocol in the US as well?

    I go to a private team to check this BRAF thing for me as well (this is not supported by my insurance in Hungary).

    :) Eszter

    Catherine Poole

    Sentinel Node Biopsy is reserved for those lesions of higher Breslow, over .76 usually or 1.00. I would not go ahead with that. It is also not a guarantee of anything. I hope you can move on and do get photography done of your moles to follow your skin for changes. Best wishes!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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