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    Hi all,

    Thankfully it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. I had a melanoma in situ 10 years ago this year and all has been well since then.

    I’ve been sick for the past few months with what I thought was the normal crud going around. Finally went to the Dr in December and was told bronchitis. Went back in Jan and chest xray showed pneumonia. 1 round of antibiotics and steroids and I seemed to be doing better minus my cough. Repeat xray yesterday at 4 weeks though showed no improvement and possibly slight worsening. My lungs sound clear via stethoscope.

    I’m now on a different antibiotic, but a CT is being discussed as a next step.

    I had coughed up blood and felt a burning in my chest which stopped within a couple days on the first antibiotic. I can still feel the congestion in my chest where the xray shows it so I wasn’t completely surprised, but did think I was getting better.

    Now I’m so worried and my anxiety has set in. The Dr said he didn’t think melanoma would look like that on an xray and that at 37 and a lifetime non-smoker, lung cancer is highly unlikely. But I know cancer is on the list of things they have to look for next if this doesn’t resolve.

    I need to find a new PCP so this has all been managed through an urgent care. I’m thinking about asking if I can be referred to a pulmonologist.

    Anyway, just wanted to post on here as writing is a way I help cope. Thanks for listening.

    Catherine Poole

    Sorry to hear all you have been through. I highly doubt this is related to melanoma. You need to get yourself in the right hands! Where do you live? Do you have a teaching university (medical) nearby? It may be that you haven’t been given the proper medication so far. If you provide a location, perhaps we can help you find a specialist and maybe a pulmonary person would be a good idea. I can tell you because of global climate change we are seeing mutations of diseases. I had a cold for almost 3 months last year and I am never sick. It was very strange but my doc said going around. Take care and rest easy.

    Catherine Poole

    How are things going?

    Catherine Poole, President/founder
    Melanoma International Foundation


    Thanks for checking in Catherine. I thought it was getting a bit better, but now I’m freaked out again. I have had really bad coughing fits (Dr said cough is going to last a while as there was a lot of junk in my lung to clear out), but I starting coughing streaks of blood again beginning last night which hadn’t happened since I had started the first antibiotic and my chest feels irritated again.

    I’ve also had a a few episodes of night sweats which I’ve convinced myself is related and means either cancer or TB 🙁 I finished the 2nd course of antibiotics a week ago.

    I go back this week for another xray, but I’m expecting a CT scan will be ordered. I’m in Richmond VA so have great resources here with VCU which will be my next step.

    Needless to say, my anxiety is through the roof again.

    Catherine Poole

    Sorry to hear this. Although not easy, try not to jump to conclusions of the worst case scenario. Night sweats can be attributed to a lot of things, including hormonal changes, too much bedding, etc. A CT scan might put your mind at ease. Let us know again how you are doing. Feel free to write me personally at cpoole@melanomainternational.org


    Well, now more questions than answers. I was admitted to the hospital. Lung ct showed fluid and consolidation (what they have been seeing on X-ray), but also did show a mass.

    ER doc says he is still treating as an infection, but wants the pulmonologist to look at the mass on the CT because he can’t rule out cancer.

    Starting some anxiety meds in my IV soon because I’m not coping well with this.

    Jeff Blazey

    Any updates you would like to share?


    Catherine Poole

    Jeff thanks for asking. I’m in touch with this patient and sadly she is in the hospital. It appears her lung issues are not related to the melanoma but potentially something else serious. Please send your good wishes and prayers to her.


    Unfortunately, I’ve been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer completely un-related to melanoma.

    It’s still really hard for me to believe – 2 different cancers in 10 years but this time stage 4. I turn 38 in a couple days.

    I’m in the waiting game now. All I know for certain is I have adenocarcinoma with a suspected lung primary, but primary and extent of spread is TBD.

    Trying to stay positive to fight this and will be seen at major cancer center for the best care and options as possible.


    Stay positive dk06 ……keep us posted as to how it goes at the major cancer centre! Thoughts are with you ….!

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