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    Hi all,

    my wife had a mole and SN removed at UCLA 2 years ago…margins and node were clean…we have been seeing an onc at UCLA every 3 months with pet/ct scans every 6 months with a couple in between…april of 2012 submillmeter nodules were seen on scan…6 months later nodules were stable…feb 2013 5 nodules were seen to have grown but were still sub centimeter….got a needle biopsy confirmed to be mel…..we go to UCLA this friday to meet with onc for first treatment options…no treatments have been taken by my wife yet..next week we are going to meet with Dr. Kim at MD Anderson for a second opion then we are picking a treatment….we are still awaiting for mutation test results…based on what i have gathered it looks like yervoy, PD-1, and BRAF-MEK are the way to go…but im no doctor as i realize most out on this forum are not..that being said for the more experianced on this board what would be a good way to go in your opinion?

    Im just trying to get peoples ideas to better help me with our choice…and as far as we know the lungs are the only organ with visible mets at this time..thanks

    Catherine Poole


    You are seeing an expert at UCLA first, and I would definitely take that opinion to heart. Has surgery been ruled out? Sometimes when the disease is localized to this extent, surgery is an excellent option. Otherwise, you are correct to look at the BRAF drugs if she is eligible or the immunotherapies, Yervoy and PD1. PD1 is going to require a met that is reachable for a biopsy. Many of the trials are requiring failure of Yervoy too. So since she is treatment naive, you may or may not be limited in options. Let us know what they suggest at UCLA..we’re here to help and support you.


    Yes that is one of the reasons we went to Ucla.. Nothing has been discussed yet. Friday we will talk options. The next Thursday we go to Houston. So we will see about surgery. Is there any data ( I know there would not be much) on the combos of the 3 above treatments on response? Likely not.. Also we are hoping that with the few mets we know about we can hit this hard.. But again just started this process one week ago and is crazy.. Anyhow any insights will be appreciated..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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