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    Hello everyone. It’s been a while and unfortunately I need you guys again. I have now been diagnosed with my third melanoma in-situ in just over 3.5 years. I realize if I have to have a melanoma diagnosis, this is the one to have. I have been going to my dermatologist regularly which is a good thing. Compared to many others, I am lucky and I know that.

    Basic info: I am 50+ years of age, female, fair skinned and blue eyed. Spent my youth outside with little protection; did NOT use tanning beds. All three incidents have taken place on my arms (2 on the left; 1 on the right). Currently wear hats, sunscreen, protective clothing, etc.

    Are multiple melanoma in-situs common? Is there something else out there that I should be aware of? I have my WLE on Friday and I am not concerned about this one, I am concerned about my future.

    As always, thank you all for your support. It is very comforting knowing I am not alone.


    Hi, have you had pathology 2nd opinions on any/all of them, to confirm they all are/were really melanoma?

    Catherine Poole

    I wonder if this exposure is from driving? Many have them on the left arm because of driving exposure. I wouldn’t worry about your future, you caught these very early. But you might think about other exposures since your skin is very sensitive to the sun. Also, early youth exposure can cause later trouble. But you are on the right track to finding these when they are curable.


    Catherine, thank you for your comments. Unfortunately, I probably did do all the damage in my youth (boating & pools prior to teenage years & sunbathing then). I am very careful now (hats, protective clothing, protective swim gear, in addition to sun screen); regular dermatologist visits and self checks – just letting my emotions and worries get the better of me (again).

    On my first incident, 2 separate pathogist reports were done and they were in agreement. One by the Dermatologist and one by the surgeon (actually needed two WLE’s for clean margins).

    Again, thank you all for your ongoing help and support.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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