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    Hi All…

    My mom was recently diagnosed with malignant melanoma in the cervix…

    From everything I’ve read so far, it is one of the rarest form of cancers out there.

    It’s been extremely hard on all of us because there’s so little information about the treatment.. and what works.

    Does anyone have any positive information you can share? Everything online haven’t been… 😔

    To date my mom has undergone hysterectomy & is waiting on the PET/CT results.

    Doc recommends immunotherapy.. which is the recommended treatment for melanoma..

    Few things I wanted to ask, is it ok for my mom to take vitamin D, if so what is the recommended dosage?

    Can she also take German brand aminoplus immuno?

    Any information, experiences, stories would really help.

    Everyone is struggling to understand and comprehend.

    Thank you…

    Catherine Poole


    This not necessarily a rare form of melanoma. It is good to know if the pathology shows it as cutaneous melanoma or mucosal melanoma. Immunotherapy may be a good idea. Where is she seeking treatment?



    I do believe it’s mucosal. According to the doctor it originated in the cervix.

    Unfortunately one oncologist suggests IFN-a while another suggests immunotherapy but to no end.

    My mom is currently in Taiwan and the two ongologists we’ve been to so far have conflicting treatment plans.

    Immunotherapy seems to be the way to go but it’s extremely expensive.

    It will cost us nearly $50k if we were to do the immunotherapy that requires a shot every 3 weeks.

    Either or we can’t proceed until we find the right oncologist which is proving to be difficult.

    Catherine Poole

    If it is mucosal, interferon or IFN is an old drug provent to be ineffective for all melanoma. It is hard to get because it is ineffective in most diseases. It is also highly toxic. If there is anyway you can travel to the US or Europe for treatment that would be preferable. Immunotherapy such as Keytruda or Opdivo would be available. Unfortunately, mucosal is not a known entity and treatment is not proven yet. But do not waste your funds on interferon.



    Thank you for the confirmation.

    I found it off too especially since I was not able to find much literature or articles mentioning the use of IFN as a treatment.

    However I’ve also read that recommended adjuvant therapy is chemo/radiation?

    Have you heard of that? Is immunotherapy sufficient for adjuvant therapy?

    Thankfully her PET/CT doesn’t show any metastasis.

    Catherine Poole

    I can’t provide medical advice but if there is no metastic disease perhaps you should watch and wait. There is no chemotherapy that is effective for melanoma. Radiation may be a possibility but will potentially damage surrounding tissue. Immunotherapy such as Opdivo, or Keytruda may help but for now has not been proven with scientific evidence to be effective for mucosal melanoma. I would not put her through any toxic therapies since they don’t appear effective. Quality of life should be the number one priority.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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