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    Hello everyone,

    I am a dark skinned person, Indian. I thought Melanoma only affects people with lighter skin.

    But I recently educated myself that it is not the case.

    I was concerned about a mole or a red patch that was under the foot, sole of my foot. I vaguely remember seeing it a long time ago as a single red spot, it didn’t pain or anything so I left it.

    Recently after I got to know about Melanoma and its ABCDE, I looked at this patch which seemed to fit well with Melanoma diagnosis. I once showed this to a doctor, at that time he said it is probably a broken blood vessel it doesn’t look like a mole, just ignore it but keep an eye on it.

    This is making me paranoid that it has irregular edges, but it is completely flat. It is not raised and it is over 6mm.

    I am posting the pictures and links here, if anyone can give an insight it would be nice.

    New pics.




    http://www.anony.ws/i/2013/02/17/7TuLJ.jpg” class=”bbcode_url”>http://www.anony.ws/i/2013/02/17/7TuLJ.jpg

    http://www.anony.ws/i/2013/02/17/lPRIE.jpg” class=”bbcode_url”>http://www.anony.ws/i/2013/02/17/lPRIE.jpg

    http://www.anony.ws/i/2013/02/17/DdMVN.jpg” class=”bbcode_url”>http://www.anony.ws/i/2013/02/17/DdMVN.jpg

    http://www.anony.ws/i/2013/02/17/6qDw4.jpg” class=”bbcode_url”>http://www.anony.ws/i/2013/02/17/6qDw4.jpg

    http://www.anony.ws/i/2013/02/17/aTmoB.jpg” class=”bbcode_url”>http://www.anony.ws/i/2013/02/17/aTmoB.jpg


    Do you have access to a dermatologist? I would want the reassurance that it is not melanoma. I had a mark on the ball of my foot below the toes. To make a long story short it was metal wire I had stepped on and embedded in my foot. After nine months it caused infection and osteomyelitis ( bone infection)’and at just one step

    Away from sepsis I had my second toe amputated. This was about 6 weeks ago. Now I take any and all things on my feet very serious.

    Let us know what you learn.



    Hi thanks for the reponse. I do have access to a dermatologist, but right now I’m in Canada. The health care is free, so there is a wait time for meeting specialists such as dermatologists.

    It will take me 4 weeks to meet a dermatologist and I am paranoid about this mole and finding it hard to sleep and have a peace of mind.

    It only takes a dermatologist to see it for 2 minutes, I seem to be out of luck getting a date with the dermatologist.

    I will let post back what I found out after meeting a dermatologist.


    Hi, I had something that appeared similar, had it for a long time, 4 weeks to get to the dermatoligist isn’t too bad. From the time that I felt mine was an isssue, it was 6 weeks to get to the dermatologist who didn’t think it was anything. I told him to take it out anyway because something just didn’t feel right. Yes, the wait can be excrutiating but you’re doing the right thing. Mine ended up being a deep melanoma and I’m being treated. Watch for a change in color or the skin above it feels different than the surrounding skin. Good luck.


    what did it look like? Did it hurt when you touched? Mine doesn’t hurt at all, and it is not raised at all. It is completely flat as same as the skin just red patch.

    I went to another walk in clinic today to get a second opinion, the GP doctor was not sure. He didn’t know if it was a mole or an angioma. But Angiomas look a bit raised.

    So he said lets just book you for a dermatologist who probably has an earlier date. It is a family day today so I will only know the appointment date tomorrow.

    What if the doctor says its nothing don’t worry about it just like that. I don’t know if you can force/insist/request a dermatologist to remove it anyway.


    The doctor works for you, so insist on a biopsy. If they won’t, then go somewhere else. There is no way anyone can say for sure whether it’s benign or not without a biopsy.

    Never settle for no, and be your own advocate!

    Please let us know how things turn out. Waiting is tough, but having peace of mind is worth it.


    It was black/brown, just looked normal, not raised, but it was on the bottom of my foot in a place where you have a callus and the callus just felt a little different right around it. But, I had bought new shoes and just thought, well, maybe it’s rubbing my foot differentlly. Never any pain. I’m not sure if you can do this in Canada, but in the US, if I didn’t like what the first doc said or I wasn’t comfortable, I’d go to another. Although the first doc didn’t think it was anything, he at least said, he would remove it if I wanted. I just wish he had expressed some urgency because I waited a month before I had it done and I wished I’d done it right away. I’m glad I went with my gut and at least got it done.


    Thanks golden girl, there is a walk-in dermatology clinic a little far. I am going there to try my luck and insist on biopsy it. Thank you I will definitely post the progress here.

    Chas66, how long does it take to heal once they do a biopsy. I’m training for natural body-building and I spend quite a bit of time at the gym in the evening. This mole spot is located under the foot so I assume it is going to be very difficult for me to walk to work or hit the gym?

    I have never done a biopsy, does it take more than 1 month to heal? When will you be able to walk again?


    i had my melanoma at about the position you got now, a little bit more on the side.. took me about 3-4weeks before i walked without pain, 1 week before i could walk.

    however my WLE have taken 7months to almost be well now.. got raised scaring so im all out of luck.

    my melanoma didnt pain but it bled.

    so got to see the dermatologist today?


    Not yet, but I am lucky that I got an appointment with another dermatologist today in the afternoon.

    I am just worried that if he would dismiss it with one quick look and say it’s not a mole and leave me hanging.

    I am going to have to strongly insist that I want this to be out. Hopefully he agrees to take it out. I am never good with doctors, most of the time they have the attitude like who is the doctor, you are me? So I am the doctor and I am saying it is fine so shut it. They sort of take it personally and think I don’t trust their expertise. I hope they understand if something goes wrong it is me and my family that is going to suffer.

    I am also worried of missing my days at work if I can’t walk. I took a sick day off today as soon as I got the appointment.

    I will update back in the evening.


    darktranceee wrote:

    Chas66, how long does it take to heal once they do a biopsy. I’m training for natural body-building and I spend quite a bit of time at the gym in the evening. This mole spot is located under the foot so I assume it is going to be very difficult for me to walk to work or hit the gym?


    I had a punch biopsy (6 or 8 mm) and it was about 4-5 days before I could walk on it, but it was sore to walk on. Took Tylenol with Codeine for a few days till I could tolerate the pain. Just used a thick bandage on it each day and bought a sneaker a few sizes larger to fit my foot in. It was pretty much all healed in about 4 weeks. It won’t keep you from pumping the iron but it will keep you from running on it.


    Glad you got the appointment for today. Good luck & let us know how everything turned out…


    Like I was afraid, the dermatologist took one look and dismissed it. He said it is a birth mark initially and then I denied that I saw it only 1 and a half ago. Then he said it doesn’t look like Melanoma, it could be capillaries and refused to do a biopsy. I insisted so much that I may get married next year so I want to be sure that I am okay and cannot take a risk. His words were, “I don’t know if I want to do a biopsy and instead said, I can maybe refer you to a cosmetic surgeon who will call you. Show it to him and he will probably take it out. It may or may not be covered in your free health care. And this is my favourite, Are you planning to do anything for your acne scars? I didn’t want to punch him and get arrested.

    He was only with me for 3 minutes maximum and rushed me out. Worst health care ever in Canada, because they think it’s free.

    I was very irritated and went to another general practitioner to refer me to another dermatologist, he looked at it and said he doesn’t know what it is, but he can do a biopsy next week, just going to take a little piece from it or he can send me to another dermatologist.

    I’m convinced that many dermatologists have no clues what they are doing.

    I am planning to go back to India if nothing works, I never had any problems with doctors back home. They are always there, because you pay them and they do their jobs, no BS.


    I dont know how it works in canada but here in sweden the dermatologist stay away from messing with certain areas like face, hands, feet and dont cut there instead they refer you to a plastic surgeon to get it removed.

    Catherine Poole

    I just wanted to add that this may be acral lentiginous melanoma which appears on the soles and palms and in people of color. It doesn’t evolve like typical melanoma. You might mention this to the next derm who will do a biopsy. I would also ask for a deep shave biopsy or excisional biopsy to get clean margins.

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