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    It’s been years since I’ve been on this site, my first melanoma was diagnosed in 2008. After having three melanomas, time has passed and I thought I was done with it. I continue to go to the dermatologist every three months and another melanoma was recently found. Yesterday, I had it excised and the surgeon said something that frightens me. She said that melanoma is linked to other cancers such as pancreatic or brain cancer. So now I’m on alert and very concerned I’m going to get another type of cancer. I was curious if any of you have heard this information also. Thank you!

    Catherine Poole

    Your doctor was not correct according to scientific evidence. The less than 4% of folks who may have genetic link to melanoma may also have a link to pancreatic cancer. There is no relationship to brain cancer. Melanoma is caused by UV radiation in 96% of cases (cutaneous) and the DNA is damaged by the radiation of the sun or tanning lamps and as I mentioned the genetic mutation is rare. Sometimes it does run in families but it is because they have fair skin and spent their vacations at the beach, or have dysplastic nevi syndrome. Dysplastic nevi syndrome is often a family inherited trait but with careful surveillance, melanoma doesn’t necessary happen to these folks. I would switch to another doctor who is more upbeat and better educated about melanoma.


    Tyank you Catherine. I came across the same information as you concerning the link between melanoma and other cancers although some think that some link might exist with hormone imbalances thus having some ties to prostate or breast cancers. But no brain link fie sure.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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