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    Hi everyone,

    First sorry for my english but I am french speaking ( I live in Belgium / Brussels ).

    Last year nov. my dermatolog and cancerolog saw I had a melanoma in my back : 2,4mm, clarck IV.

    My specialist told me, after I asked him, I was between middle and high risks having complications.

    I had micrometastasis in one node ( the 19 other ones were ok ).

    Each 3 months they check me.

    Now in middle nov., it will be everything : brain, lungs, liver, blood and all the part of my left arm where the nodes have been removed.

    I just would appreciate some answers…

    What do you think for the future concerning my case?

    I am a man, 41 years old.

    Thanks so much in advance for your answers and please do not hesitate to give me testimonies.


    Catherine Poole

    Hi Axel,

    I think your prognosis is excellent. who is your doctor in Brussels? Bart Neyns is excellent there and is a board member of ours too. He does a lot of research and is very good. Watch and wait is tough road to take, but often the best with 3A. wishing you all the best and your English is just fine!


    (I put an english version of this message below)

    Salut Axel ….

    Si vous préférez avoir des conversations en français, vous pouvez répondre en français. J’ai habité en France pendant cinq ans et avoir une connaissance élémentaire de la langue française écrite. Vous verrez qu’il ya beaucoup de gens bien informés sur ce forum, comme Mme. Catherine Poole.

    Je suis un homme de 42 ans avec nouvellement diagnostiqué Stage 3b mélanome. Le mélanome a été trouvé dans mon pied droite, ce qui a entraîné une TMA (transmetatarsal amputation) et une SNB (Sentinel Node Biopsy) positif en Août 2013. J’ai eu une LND (lymph node dissection) en Septembre 2013, qui était négatif. Je suis actuellement en convalescence.

    Nous sommes ici pour fournir de l’aide que nous le pouvons.

    A bientôt …



    If you prefer to speak in French, you can write to me in french. I lived in France for five years and have a basic understanding of french language. You will see that there are many knowledgeable people on this forum.

    I am a 42 year old male with newly-diagnosed Stage 3b melanoma. Melanoma was found in my foot, which resulted in a TMA and a positive SNB in August 2013. I had an LND in September 2013, which was 100% negative in the eight removed nodes. I am now recovering.

    We are here to provide assistance any way we can.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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