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    Hi Catherine & Everyone,

    I was reading another melanoma blog (MRF) and a Melaomana patients stated in her post that a Melanoma specialist at Dana Faber told her and I quote: “Merk had announced that they wanted to do at least one trial specifically for patients with brain mets and everyone was fighting over who would be able to offer that study at their facilities”

    Catherine have you heard anything about a future Merck PD1 trial for patients with brain mets.

    If this is true, that would be wonderful for so many people. It would give people with brain mets so much hope.

    Catherine, is there anyway you can validate that Merck did announced that and intends to do a pd1 trial for patients with brain mets. If would also be great if you could get sometime of time frame when the trial would open.

    Catherine, you are the BEST. Thank you for always being there to help.



    Wow, as I am just getting into my car to drive to DF/BWH for SRS of my one brain met, I would really like to believe this, but find it somewhat incredulous as i sincerely doubt that any melanoma specialist at DF would make such a statement until/unless such a clinical study were actually announced. Believe it when it is announced, until then it is just something that we all wish would take place soon.


    Couldn’t agree more… Hoping and praying that there at be a shred of truth to this rumor…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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