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    Hey Folks –

    Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA lately :) Where did June and July go? Last I saw Catherine was at ASCO and then I was off to Baton Rouge for work which started a crazy last 60 days of work projects, visitors, treatments, living life, etc :)

    I had my 24 week scans on July 3rd. Still continue to have ‘positive response’ to Merck’s anti-pd1! Official summary:


    1. Since May 14, 2013,Previously described L5 vertebral body cortical

    definition loss is no longer appreciated, probably having represented

    reconstruction artifact. No new suspicious lesions.

    2. Stable mild mesenteric adenopathy.

    3. Other findings unchanged.

    So all good news. They will scan again mid September time frame. You can read about my last visit: http://www.melanomaandthecity.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-waiting-game.html

    Hope everyone is doing well! Still have minimal side effects. My bilirubin was a bit elevated this last visit. Honestly, I’m with Dick on this one – I’m sure it’s from being dehydrated. In fact, when I told one of the chemo nurses they rechecked it her first question was if I was dehydrated. I had just spent the previous day flying back from Baton Rouge. I tried to down some water before going in but it just was never enough! :) Other than that – some fatigue. Random joint pain (maybe from the heat/humidity?)

    Take care,


    Catherine Poole


    You’ve been in my thoughts. So happy to hear all is well with you and you’ve been living life to the fullest! Thanks for stopping by to fill us in. Hope you are taking some time off!


    Yay, Erin! So happy to hear things are going well – I think of you often. Keep up the great work!



    Thanks Lear! hope you are doing well!

    Thanks Catherine – yeah been a busy last few months. Not so much from a health standpoint, but just work stress and a few other things… but doing well!

    Totally need a vacation! May take a week off just to relax and do nothing :) Wouldn’t that be nice?

    Have a great day!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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