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    Hi everyone,

    I am new to writing here and have not seen any posts with those that have stage 4 melanoma and gout. My father is in his third month of being officially diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma with a large mass in his liver, lungs, all over abdomen, bowels, and a tumor up in his temple, but not his brain – yet. However, the cause that led to us finding out about the cancer was from his flare ups with gout. Does anyone with melanoma deal with gout in these forums?

    Anyway, he has been bed ridden since last Tuesday for a knee flare up of gout, but I am now wondering if it is being exaggerated by the melanoma. He can not walk, or put any pressure on his leg and he is just withering away in the bed. I am heart broken and feel so frustrated.

    Anyway, just wondering if anyone else is dealing with gout.

    Thank you for your input.



    Sorry to hear about your dad, and understand what you mean been frustrated!

    My husband was diagnosed stage IV (Dec 2012) almost at the same time that gout attacks were coming more often. First on left knee, then left foot, then right knee, right foot, and so on. He has been having them about every two to three weeks which make it harder to keep building your strength and help your immune system :(

    He was using Allupirinol for gout, which seem to work, and started Z almost at the same time, then develop Stevens Johnson disease … The docs didn’t know if the allergic reaction was from Z or Allupirinol so now he can’t take either.

    He has continue having gout attacks, actually he just finished one on his right foot. And as you said they can’t bare pressure on the foot or knee to painful!

    We have make major switches to his diet, no shrimp, red meat, beer, asparagus, spinach, etc or by other product that increases his Uric acid, and he drinks lots of fluid. So …. I was also wondering if the Mel was accentuating the attacks as well!!!

    Now he is in Uloric but like I said he got another attack, so who knows …

    It is painful to watch them go thru it, but it will go away in a few days. Hope your dad has medication that alleviates a bit his pain, and the attack will go away soon. We do use ice and that seems to help.

    Take care,

    Elenise (Jacques’ wife)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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