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    Catherine Poole

    I believe she would be quite proud of the meeting. A very important topic we discussed is making clinical trials more humane. Getting rid of the randomized, blinded, placebo and no cross-over set ups. I couldn’t agree more. The disparity among our fellow patients especially in countries such as Romania was quite disheartening. We are a global fellowship that can work together in numbers to solve these issues. I hope this important work will continue. I have to say Pati’s memorial was perfect! I am so honored to have attended. And it was great meeting so many of you in person!


    How wonderful. I for one will never forget Pati. I am glad you were there to remember her and all she did for so many.

    Thanks, Karen


    Indeed Catherine! eso-m-icab conference held in Brussels last week-end was also for me an amassing event. I was happy with the discussions on (easier) access to clinical trials, especially in areas like east European countries (such as Romania, my country). Informing patients about clinical research/clinical trials is a starting point for me. I did find out about clinical trials from you after one year and half since my sister was diagnosed. Other people maybe cannot reach you ..However even my sis could die meanwhile, because we were not aware these new therapies can be accessed within clinical trials! If you do not about clinical trials , you obviously would not consider them as treatment option; this is a pity since a lot of experimental/new approved treatments are better than the conventional chemotherapy.

    Also, I was very impressed with the memorial ceremony for Patricia, who’s melanoma experience and work I know only from mif and micab, but never I met her..she was an incredible woman!

    And..I was happy too to meet you in person! :-)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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