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    Today I’ve realized that we’ve made a terrible mistake in our inhibitors therapy – instead of 300mg of Dabrafenib daily my wife has been taken only 150mg for 3 weeks. We were not carefully explained that she had to take 2 pills (!) twice a day. She also had a Mekinist once a day.

    I understand that probably it’s difficult to give answer but maybe someone has suggestion – was it worse than having no pills at all or it just didn’t give any effect or it gave the effect but less than it could be?

    Should we now just go on with standard prescribed dose (300mg daily)?

    Thank you!

    Catherine Poole

    I would call your physician promptly and ask for advice. I’m uncertain what you should do at this point without someone more expert advising you. Let us know what the doctor tells you.


    Mikers – My husband has been on varying doses of Dabrafenib over the past 18 months as he dealt with side effects – was finally able to work up to full dose after a year of trial and error. He was only just recently able to tolerate the addition of half dose of MEK to the mix. Fortunately, he continues to respond to the drugs. While his tumors reduced initially, he has had stable scans for the past year. Who knows, starting at half dose of the Dabrafenib may have made the drug more tolerable for your wife. Certainly, it would be optimal to be on the full dose so check with your doctor. Best wishes.



    Dear all,

    thank you for answers. My doctor have recommended just continue with standard dose. Hopefully there will be effect anyway.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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