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    hi all.has anybody got any information on how long of a time interval is recommended between the 1st session of mole photographic mapping and the 2nd session.


    I’m not sure if there is a definitive answer to that. I think I read it should be done every 3 years. Hopefully Catherine or someone else with better knowledge will weigh in.

    Catherine Poole

    I have only had the whole body photography once and then it is used annually for my exams. My husband as well, and he has dysplastic nevi syndrome. So this is new to me that it should be done more than once.


    When I did my first photography (right after my diagnosis in Jan 2010), the dermatologist told me that for people that have a lot of moles (and are still making some new ones)…..it is nice to get the pics taken maybe every 3-5 yrs or so, but you have to transition from the old set to the new. I sat and compared the new ones to the old, took notes of the ones that looks different and then put away the old cd and now only use the new. I was also told this is a good idea for people that get a lot of moles removed.

    I had a second set of pics done 2 years after, BUT this was early. I did this because the cd I used at the first derm didn’t work at the new derm’s office AND because in the two years I had 12 moles removed, a c section and back surgery, SO I have a look of “differences” on my body.

    Having said ALL that, if you are all scarred up like me and not adding a lot of new moles/spots then I wouldn’t say you would have to get new pics every X amount of years. Each person is different, I think.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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