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    I was diagnosed with MM in Dec. 2011. I had a WLE 1 full cm. margin to level of fascia one week after being diagnosed. I went to an oncologist a month later, even though my derm said it was not necessary. The oncologist said, “They took a pretty big chunk out of your leg.” She reassured me that I had done everything that is required for my stage and that my scar looked great. I know that I have learned a lot about this over the last year and a half and I wanted to get opinions from all of you on my path report. I have visited this site often over the past year and have finally built up the courage to join. I realize that support is necessary forever. I am a 35 year old mother and I always worry about this cancer returning. I sometimes feel like I worry about this too much and I could use your advice and opinions. I know you are not all drs.but I believe patients have a lot to share too, especially on the more personal levels. Thank you. I am also wondering if anyone knows anything more about this study that was just published in the, Journal of American Surgeons. When I read studies like this I realize that this is something that will affect me forever. I do appreciate my life and try to live each day to it’s potential, but some days I wake up with MEL on my mind.

    http://www.journalacs.org/article/S1072-7515(13)00225-1/abstract” class=”bbcode_url”>http://www.journalacs.org/article/S1072-7515(13)00225-1/abstract

    The original mole was one that I had forever. It started to change after my pregnancy. My daughter is now 10 :D

    FINAL DIAGNOSES: Melanoma, narrowly excised in planes of sections examined (skin, left medial lower leg, shave biopsy)

    Histological subtype: spitzoid

    Breslow thickness: .31mm

    Clark level : II

    Ulceration: none

    Mitotic rate: none

    vertical growth phase: no

    vascular invasion: no

    angiotropism: no

    neural invasion: no

    microsatellites: no

    features of regression:

    Early (TILS) Yes, non-brisk

    Intermediate (angiofibroplasia with or without TILS): No

    Late ( fibrosis and loss of rete ridges) : no

    precursor lesion: none identified

    predominant cell type: spitzoid

    microscopic description: Sections of a scoop excision of skin reveal an atypical compound melanocytic proliferation. The junctional melanocytes are plemorphic and show both prominent nucleoli and nuclear pseudo inclusions. There are expansile nests and single cells with focal pagetoid upward migration. The underlying papillary dermis contains fibroplasia. Patchy perivascular lymphocytic infiltrates and a rare nested melanocytes. Dermal mitotic figures are not identified.

    Catherine Poole

    We discussed this in another post by Cohanja. Our scientific board felt the numbers in the study were possibly too large when you considered other factors. So it would be an exceedingly small subset that this would happen to. You have done all that you can for optimal care and found your lesion very early. Try not to worry, enjoy each moment in life.


    Thank you for your reply. I will continue to enjoy my life; breathe a little more and worry a little less. For some reason melanoma always finds a way into my thoughts. Thank you for everything that you do.


    Based on your path report it looks to be as low risk of a stage I as you can get, virtually an in situ due to radial growth phase and no concerning traits.


    Thanks for the reply worrywart. That was what the plastic surgeon said, but I still worry about it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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