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    Dear all,

    my sister Lumi passed away on 7 august 2014. I was with her and I am grateful God gave me the chance to be there in Romania when she went away from this world. For an while I accepted that she is not anymore. I was thinking how much she has suffered and I felt in an way prepared for what came. But things are now coming back slowly and I feel even more than before the pain of loosing her. The illness transformed her physically so much but still I knew it she was there, still my beautiful courageous fighter who did not want to disappoint us, her family. She tried so hard to keep intact her hopes and her dignity until her last moments. I loved her so much and I miss her so much.

    I dare to share with you a bit from who she was, besides being a melanoma patient..



    and here some family images [img][/img][IMG]http://i1102.photobucket.com/albums/g449/astravio/Lumi/ColajLumi_zpscb7b3b35.jpg[/img]

    Coming on this forum last year made us feel not alone in our fight. Here I found you, Catherine and Bettina and I have received effective help for Lumi within two clinical trials. Every good news and hopes Catherine and all of you shared here, I have shared with Lumi, giving her perspective to stand such aggressive and painful illness.

    For all these and a lot other, thank you so much to all of you.


    Catherine Poole

    Thank you for sharing this with us Violeta, you worked so hard for your sister and know you did above and beyond for her. I am happy we were able to help some through the journey. Sadly, the new therapies aren’t always successful and I wish they had been for her. I hope you are taking good care of yourself and recuperating from this stressful time. please stay in touch.


    Dear Violeta,

    I am so sorry for the loss of your sister Lumi. You are a great sister, to have shared those articles and pictures in her honour. I have read looked at them.

    Though I am the one in my family who is suffering from melanoma, I often think of my sisters and how difficult this journey must be for them. I dare to think of how I would feel if it was one of them who had melanoma and not me. My thoughts are with you.

    Wishing you strength and comfort in times ahead,



    I’m sorry for the loss of your beautiful young sister Violeta. She was a very determined woman.

    You were a wonderful caregiver.

    Now take care of yourself. Be kind and generous with yourself but most important, allow yourself the time necessary to heal from this deep wound. And it will heal. But take all the time you need and don’t let anyone rush you.



    Thank you so much for sharing. Your sister sounds like she was such a dynamic person. Melanoma knows no shame. God bless you and please take care of yourself. Love and care, Karen

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