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    I hope you are all doing well☺ Shirley I would like to send you pics of my beautiful grand daughter can you mail me on bizafri@wol.co.za.

    :( I took my son (13 years) to the hairdresser and he cut his hair really short. When walking behind him I notice something on his scalp. I looked and there is a mole. I am worried and wondering if it is best to remove it. I will take him tyo the dermatologist. He is very good but only worries when moles look ugly I think some “pretty” moles could in some cases be malignant. Any thoughts?

    Catherine Poole

    You can’t tell anything without the mole being excised and biopsied. Try not to alarm your son as it is unusual to have melanoma as a child. But get it checked for peace of mind.


    I wouldn’t worry at all, moles are normal..and kids do get new moles. I’m sure its just a mole, but never hurts to get it checked out. My derm recommends annual skin checks for my kids once they reach 10. He said it will get them in the habit of skin checks for life…just like getting teeth cleaned and physicals.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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