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    Went to the dermatologist a couple days ago to have a suspicious little black spot on my skin looked at. It’s been there anywhere from 1 to 3 years, I can’t be certain. I marked it as unusual when it appeared and had put it out of my mind.

    I was certain after spending a day on the internet getting myself worked up about melanoma that the derm would have a biopsy done or just take it off right there.

    It had unusual edges and is darker and looks different than any other moles I have.

    The doc whipped his miscroscope goggles out and took a look at it, said ‘it…looks like a mole?,’ had the nurse record some measurement, and told me ‘so far so good, I’d like to see you back in six months to check on it.’

    ‘and if I notice any changes?’

    ‘come see us sooner’ he said.

    So now, a couple days later, I wake up and my mole has slid off onto another part of my shoulder. I touched it and it fell off into my shirt. Now all that’s left is a couple tiny pinprick size dots, and some raw pink flesh and clear fluid, as though I had a small blister that popped there.

    So I made an appointment to go see him again in a week.

    Now I’m having trouble dealing with this mentally.

    It never burned, itched, bled, or from what I noticed grew in size at all.

    Could anyone give me some insight into what this could mean?

    It is possibly a bad change? Possibly a good one?

    I scoured the internet for info on other peoples’ ‘flat moles’ falling off, and turned up pretty much nothing.


    I had a mole on the side of my breast that went from being tan colored to black brown over a period of a couple years. The Melanoma team never seemed concerned but I hated the looks of it and was considering getting it removed. One day as I was putting lotion on I felt an edge that started coming off. I picked at it and realized I could lift it up a little so I pulled on it and the entire thing came off. The skin underneath had a few red dots where it was attached to the skin and you could tell it was only on the surface. So I saved some money by doing my own excision! There is no evidence of it now. The mole that got me a Stage 4 diagnosis was a textbook nodular blue black blood blister that no one could have missed diagnosing and was firmly attached.

    Mary Sue


    I had a mole fall off. It was a small black mole and I was messing with it and it came off. It was very weird. I don’t really know what to tell you, guess watch for regrowth?

    Catherine Poole

    Could be a skin tag and not a mole, but keep watching the area for any sign of regrowth.

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