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    Last week was three month PET and brain MRI. Think I still qualify as NED, though there is something suspicious in small intestine to be looked at again in three months through a CT scan. No more MRIs and PETs for future now. My Stage IV life started in June 2012, so I’m especially pleased.

    Thanks to a neurologist outside my cancer team, I found that I have way too much thyroid, probably Graves’ Disease. Tests continuing. My oncologist suspects that it is a late auto-immune disorder reaction to my ipi treatment in 2012 and feels it is one more sign that the ipi was successful and is still working. I’m now on Inderal, and my symptoms have cleared up such as total exhaustion pain in legs, tremor and trembling. Inderal only deals with the symptoms but makes life much more liveable after three months of growing problems and no idea what they were coming from. Treatment will follow.

    Anyone else have the hypothyroid experience? After Yervoy? Treatment? Belated Happy New Year!!



    It’s good to hear from you Frank and so glad you’re still NED.

    Sorry about the IPI side effects but it seems you’re getting a great handle on them.

    Stoopid melanoma!



    Hi Frank,

    Great news on the scans-thanks for sharing! I was on synthroid for a while after ipi. However, I barely remember anything about it because my pituitary was a bigger problem at the time. I was not on it for very long (and the ladies at work loved to tease me about it).

    Good luck to you.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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