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    greenshaek wrote:

    I’m honestly not really sure I buy it either. I recently attended a conference about melanoma and patients were asking what they can do to help themselves. The doctors strongly advised AGAINST mistletoe, saying that it actually has a negative effect on melanoma.

    I’m interested in the Cimetidine / Tagamet aspect, though … does anyone have any experience with this or take this medication? Have any doctors recommended it or has anyone been involved in studies?

    Did those doctors have any research that shows mistletoe is bad for melanoma?

    Most of what I have read says that mistletoe can increase immune function ergo it should be good against melanoma. And I have never seen anything saying it might increase melanoma.

    They have been using mistletoe for a long time in Europe over 70 years with good results.


    This is a good link that looks at many studies of mistletoe and the conclusions are quite encouraging.

Viewing 46 post (of 46 total)
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