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    HI All,

    I have Mucosal Melanoma in LaryngoPharynx + stable tiny nodules in Lungs area and Summary of my treatment are as below:

    – Undergone removal of larynx surgery

    -3 cycles of DTIC+Cisplatin+vinblastine – Not a good response

    -2 Doses of Yervoy and failed to respond

    -Radiation to reduce the pain

    -8 cycles of IL-2 and it gave some positive response but it did not last for long. After stopping the medicine for 1 month, the disease reappeared again now.

    Now looking at PD-1 as the option to go, as my Dr suggests this new medicine. We have few questions about PD-1

    – What is the normal dose to be given. Is it 2 mg/Kg?

    – Any idea about the price. As i live in India, i may need to import it.I am seeing that $12,500 for one month. Is it the price for 50mg vial? If I need to go 2mg/kg, then i need atleast 100 mg vial, I suppose.Will I be eligible for Merck Access Programs?

    – What is the normal treatment period. For how many months we need to use that.

    – Is it effective for Mucosal melanoma

    – I am BRAF negative, Will that be a concern to take PD-1

    Please help to provide the answers. It should be of great help.



    Catherine Poole


    It does not matter if you are BRAF negative for PD1. It is immunotherapy. As for the pricing and access, your doctor will have to do the legwork on that. He has the best chance of getting access for you and working through Merck’s program. I hope it works out for you!



    Where in India are you getting treated at? Ask your oncologist to contact Merck and they may be able to get your mk3475/Pembro under compassionate care.

    You may want to contact Tata Memorial or AIIMS – they may have some contacts with Merck.

    The cost is around $2650 per 50 mg vial if you were to purchase it in US.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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