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    Just found out on Thursday, my biopsied mole was Indeed a melanoma.

    Luckily seems it was caught early- so hoping for a good outcome.

    Report says:

    In situ invasive melanoma

    0.86 thick

    Clark’s Level III

    Focal regression present

    No ulceration or any other anomalies

    Because of the regression, my derm wants me to get a SlNB done with WLE. Kind of freaked out by the whole thing and most people I have told ( not too many) seem rather unconcerned as it is ‘only skin cancer’.

    Not sure what to expect pain wise and recovery wise – esp. from SLNB.

    Any advice/info is appreciated – feel rather alone processing this.




    “In situ invasive” . . that seems like a strange term?

    The focal regression confuses me too, I had that but noone seemed concerned with it unless it was extensive regression (75% or more of the lesion).


    First of all, I am sorry to read of your diagnosis. Secondly, friends/family who say “it’s just skin cancer” are very uneducated. Melanoma is one of the most deadly cancers and there are no proven treatments once it has spread.

    I agree with Cohanja that ‘in situ invasive’ is a very unusual way of wording a path report. It’s either IN SITU or INVASIVE…it can be invasive with an in situ portion – but it would still be considered invasive melanoma. With a depth of .86 the SNB would usually be recommended. Based on your path report, I think you should get a second opinion on pathology asap.

    Catherine Poole

    A SLNB would be suggested in some centers because of the depth of your melanoma. I would use our website to get further info on this procedure, please go to the tabs above for Newly Diagnosed and to our home page for the tab Melanoma Info. for the Sentinel Node Biopsy: http://www.melanomainternational.org/melanoma_info/sentinel_node_biopsy.html

    The insitu/invasive may mean it has both vertical growth phase and radial growth phase. Was there a mitotic rate? Are you going to a university based/research type medical center? You may want to consider that and we can help you find a place that sees a lot of melanoma. Getting a second opinion on the pathology is always a good idea and should be again at a place of excellence. Your friends are among a lot of folks who don’t understand how melanoma isnt’ just skin cancer! We’re here to help you if you have any questions and need support.


    Hi, I had a melanoma of .88 mm clarks level IV last April The tumor was on the back of my arm near my tricep. Had the WLE and SLNB done under my arm. They tested 4 lymph nodes, they all came back clean. Kinda sore for a week or so, but not too bad. So far my skin check ups have been good. Good luck hope all goes well. If you have more questions theres many of us that will do what we can.


    Thank you all for the info – makes me feel more at ease. I appreciate it.


    So sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I have had three primary melanomas diagnosed within one year. My first required sentinel lymph node biopsy; first one was 2.3 mm Breslow, second was 1.8 mm Breslow. Both were on opposite arms so the sentinel biopsy was taken from each axillary region. The first day may be a little painful but not too bad. My third melanoma was 0.6 mm Breslow and my surgeon said I would not need to have the sentinel lymph node biopsy. I am now going to see a melanoma specialist in NYC at Sloan-Kettering. I am now considered to be a multiple primary melanoma patient. If you feel you want to be proactive with your treatment, I would suggest seeing an oncologist who specializes in melanoma. My “regular” oncologist is excellent but melanoma is so unpredictable and I felt that I needed to that reassurance from a specialist that what I am doing is what is recommended for my diagnosis. I wish you the best of luck!!!! I know how nervous you must be. That is the worst part of the whole thing….the worrying but you have a huge group of fellow melanoma warriors who are right by your side. :)


    I went to see the surgical oncologist yesterday and must say am feeling more relaxed about the whole scenario. She is going to do the WLE and SLNB within the next few weeks.

    So I not 100% sure I made the right decision to go ahead with the SLNB?

    She said it was optional, but the dermatologist had me so freaked out, I opted to do it to ease my mind. She said it is a low risk lesion, but because of the regression and the fact it was so itchy, it may have been deeper at one point.

    Are complications a high risk with SLNB? This surgeon is experienced so I feel like I am in good hands, but wondering if I am making the right decision.


    Just ready your post, in fact I just posted my results as well a few up from you. I am in the same ball game. Depth is .9 and everything below is negative. Surgery is next Monday where they will make a larger cut and check the lymphnode. Per my surgeon any depth less than 1mm is optional checking the lymphnodes but being I am under and they are there, they are being over protective.

    Good luck and lets keep in touch! Will be praying for your procedure!


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