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    Celeste Morris

    Clinical Trial # = NCT01621490

    Phase 1 Biomarker study in advanced melanoma

    BMS sponsored trial of Nivolumab at 3mg/kg every 2 weeks for 2 years, depending on response, while measuring biomarkers.

    Sites actively recruiting include: Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Portland, Nashville, Houston.

    Requirements: No brain mets, measurable disease, etc.

    Clinical Trial # = NCT01703507

    Phase 1 Ipi and Whole brain or SRS in treating melanoma with brain mets

    Sites actively recruiting – Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia

    Will soon be opening at Ohio State University

    Clinical Trial # = NCT01672450

    Phase 1 with Intratumoral injection of IL2 and ipi in patients with unresectable Stage III or IV

    Requires accessible tumors.

    Site = Salt Lake City Utah

    Clinical Trial # = NCT01497808

    Stratified Phase 1/2 dose escalation trial of SRS (stereotactic body radiotherapy) followed by ipi in metastatic melanoma.

    Sites actively recruiting = Philadelphia

    Only 4 of 40 slots filled per site.

    chaoticallypreciselifeloveandmelanoma – celeste

    Catherine Poole


    Thank you for listing these, although some I might question as promising. I did delete the company you listed for researching clinical trials since it is a commercial marketing company. I would instead still use Clinicaltrials.gov for all research and contact MIF for navigation services and the clinical trial site for further information.

    Celeste Morris

    Yes, Catherine… That trial navigator IS a service of a marketing company for physicians. However, it does not promote any specific trials. It does not endorse any particular drug company or institution. It is provided to assist physicians in finding clinical trials for their patients. It requires no fees. In that way, it is very similar to the trial finder, emergingMed, which has been helpfully presented on this forum before. Guess I can’t see how giving out information to those in need is a bad thing. In my last paragraph, which you also deleted, I noted that if anyone was interested in a particular trial it is essential to contact the institution involved to get the requirements/exclusions and latest information about ongoing enrollment. And while the site does list almost 200 melanoma trials, I hope that at the very least, additional anti-PD1 locations prove helpful for the folks who need them.

    Chaoticallypreciselifeloveandmelanoma – Celeste

    Catherine Poole

    Emerging Med is also funded by industry and we do not promote its use here. I’ve had many complaints about their navigation service being slanted in different manners, so we do not promote clinical trial finders that are funded by industry.



    This brings up a question that I’ve been wanting to ask for a while. Are there any good search engines for trials other than clinicaltrials.gov?

    Do you know if clinicaltrials.gov has any plans to improve their filters and search options? I’m not sure if it’s because of how the data is entered for the trials but it is very difficult to produce useful trial lists when using the site. Even having an option to ask to filter trials within a certain distance from your location isn’t available. I found the one Celeste posted to be a little more user friendly.


    Catherine Poole

    I think pharma are working on this, but I would still prefer clinicaltrials.gov for not having the marketing slant you may find elsewhere. And truly if you find a trial you are interested in, get in touch with the investigator and you can gain the best knowledge. BMS has site and it is clear they only have their trials, but it is user friendly, trial connect I believe it is called. We are always here to help you too.


    The BMS “Study Connect” link is http://www.bms.com/studyconnect/pages/home.aspx” class=”bbcode_url”>http://www.bms.com/studyconnect/pages/home.aspx (didn’t know about this site, Catherine.)

    BMS lists some trials that are or may be accepting melanoma patients under the condition “cancer” (e.g., solid tumors) rather than “melanoma” specifically:

  • Anti-KIR + Nivolumab – recruiting

  • Anti-KIR + Ipilimumab – recruiting (?)
  • Anti-Lag-3 + Nivolumab – recruiting (?)
  • IL-21 + Nivolumab – recruiting (?) (for melanoma?)
  • Urelumab: (BMS-663513) CD137 agonist – recruiting (?) (for melanoma?)
Catherine Poole

I am working with a few patients in the anti Kir/Nivo trial and it is very interesting. Thanks for posting the link. Again, as with all of these sites, you have to not get your hopes up of slots being open until you call them. I do think BMS is working hard towards getting an up-to-date user friendly portal for patients. It would be great if all pharma did this and would benefit them as well!


FWIW — my approach to trying to get into a trial so far is — I’ve definitely found the key person to talk to is the clinical trials coordinator (if you can find that person). Some sites make it easy to reach their trial coordinator(s). That person has usually been able to tell me which trials they have open, which trials may be coming open, the status of those (and the unexpected delays).

Some sites where I’ve been able to get through to talk to the trial coordinator (an R.N. in many cases) are — Dana Farber (Boston), Pinnacle Oncology (Scottsdale AZ), START (San Antonio, TX), U Colorado (Denver), Stanford (CA), Seattle Cancer Care Alliance/Hutchinson, the Angeles Clinic (LA), Dr. Ribas at UCLA, and Portland Providence (Oregon). Note — I mostly was trying west-ish sites that I have direct flights to/from, and that may have had a trial I was interested in. Dr. Weber (Moffitt) was also reachable (but no direct flights for me to Tampa).

Sometimes site contact info may be in clinical trials.gov, sometimes it is on the facility’s web site itself (usually under a “clinical trials” section on the web site).

A next step after making an appointment for a second opinion at a site that, for example, tells you they may have a new cohort opening soon. Becoming a patient (with medical records brought over) in that facility’s system. And getting a valuable second opinion. I called a dozen or more places. There might be one at the top of your list you may want to go the next step with.

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