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    Hello, I wAs diagnosed last week my path is as follows


    Clarks level iv

    Mitosis between 2-3

    Not ulcerated

    This is on my left abdomen. I saws surgeon today and he says a slnb is not indicated? I’m concerned because if the location, Clarks lev and mitosis rate. I have wide exision schedule next tues. What do you all think? I meet with and oncologist thus thurs and will ask about. I had a really bad feeling about this small freckle my int was right. Ithinm I should have lymphs biopsoed. Should I insist? Please any help would be so appreciated! Bless all of you

    Catherine Poole

    You are on the borderline of whether to have it or not. If it gives you peace of mind, then insist on it. It is your body!


    My advice is to to insist on it if you feel you should. I had my procedure about a year a half ago and did not have a slnb done but my mel was .52 and on my leg, less then 1 mitotic rate. I decided against the slnb because of the side effects and the risk associated. To this day, if I really dwell on it, I wish I had the procedure done so I would know if it had spread. Go with your gut.

    Catherine Poole

    Try not to dwell on the past. You can’t change it. But as pointed out by Cohanja SLNB is a diagnostic procedure and does not necessarily guarantee anything.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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