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    Hi everyone

    I just got diagnosed with a superficial spreading melanoma which came as a massive shock as I am very conscious of my fair skin :( and I’m only 20!

    The mole was on my forearm and has been there for longer than I can remember and the pathology report says :

    It’s predominantly in situ with a small focus of scattered atypical melanocytes in papillary dermis- best regarded as early level 2- 0.35mm deep.

    No dermal mitoses are seen

    No surface ulceration

    A component of benign dermal naevus is noted at one edge of the lesion

    No lymph vascular , peri neural invasion or satellite deposits are seen

    No regression

    And that the lesion is excised with a narrow margin of 0.9mm

    I’m due to have a wle on the 19th and am terrified even though what I’ve read suggests quite positive prognosis

    I just feel like my life has been changed forever as dramatic as that may sound!

    I have had a look around the forum and love the support network that is present

    Am looking to discuss my situation and the experiences of others


    Our pathology reports are almost identical (mine was 2 years ago). This is pretty thin. Puts you at Stage IA. I think Catherine and others would tell you this is a pretty low risk lesion, congratulations on catching it early. Be vigilant about your skin, monitor any changes, get frequent skin checks/exams, etc. . After this wide excision, there probably isn’t much else. I don’t think it’s being dramatic, even though this has a very good prognosis, it is a serious thing and it is a big deal. You’ve come to a great place for information/discussion. Sorry you joined us, but the prognosis for this type of lesion is in the very high 90s, probably 97%, 98%, not 100% but still very good. I’m not a doctor, but this is what I gather from what I’ve learned.

    Catherine Poole

    Yes, you are quite fortunate! And don’t be afraid about the WLE as it is just normal procedure. For all intents and purposes your melanoma is gone with the biopsy. Doubtful they will find any cells in the next pathology. It is normal to be scared and anxious, breathe deep and do all the things that normally relieve stress for you. We’ve all been there before and you are not alone. Let us know how it all goes for you.


    Thank you both for your support. It’s so nice to be in contact with people who understand the emotions associated with this diagnosis

    It’s still quite surreal!

    I just keep jumping to conclusions that there’s been an error and my depth might be more than seen but that’s just anxiety coming into it I think…

    I knew that growing up in Australia did put me at high risk for this but I really haven’t had much exposure or bad sun burn. Im always called the albino of my friendship group and It’s so frustrating to see all of my friends be so careless in the sun and not end up in this predicament.

    It’s very reassuring to hear that it’s a low risk lesion- and that it is likely to have been cleared with the initial punch biopsy – the initial mole was only 5mm in diameter and was taken with an 8mm punch biopsy

    Am so glad to have found this forum. It’s important to stick together :)


    Since your path report states “lesion is excised with a narrow margin of 0.9mm” I think that pretty much tells you there won’t be more depth than what was already found.

    For your own peace of mind you could always send the slides to another dermatopathologist for a 2nd opinion/confirmation.


    Good luck w/ everything. You have plenty of support here !


    My path report is much like yours. My Breslow was .55.

    My surgeon did the WIde Excision in his office (my upper back)

    And we joked around the 90 minutes. Post op was more discomfort than pain. The area removed was large and deep ( Much like a small hot dog bun in size and shape) I felt so much better after this was over.

    I worry about people who don’t understand how serious melanoma can be if not treated early.


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