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    I am having surgery on my arm tomorrow. I went in for my yearly check and dermatologist called back after one week to say the mole on my upper arm was a .55, the thickness of two sheets of paper. She said it was caught early. She is taking a postage stamp cut from the site and stitching it. I am assuming the .55 is stage 1? Am I correct? I always wear 70 sunscreen but go to the caribbean every summer for vacation. Should I be doing anything else besides sunscreen, rashguard, seeking shade?

    Catherine Poole

    The .55 is the depth. Please read up on the pathology section of this website as well as the webinar we have on it. For places with strong sun, we would suggest going out at low peak times, early morning, late afternoon and wearing sun protective clothing, i.e. long sleeves, a hat and long pants. Clothing is much better than sunscreen alone. If you use sunscreen apply frequently. I hope you heal quickly.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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