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    Hi al, I’m from Italy.

    My diagnosis is Melanoma infiltrating papillary derm, Thickness 0,9 (breslow), <1mitosis/mm2. the distance from resection margin is 0,1cm. pT1a (AJCC 2009).

    It was done a standard resection of 0,5cm radius.

    My dermatologist told me that the following step will be the 1cm resection with no sentinel linphonode biopsy.

    While the thickness is 0.9, is it correct do not perform sentinel linphonode biopsy?


    Catherine Poole

    Welcome!~ In the U.S. the SLNB is done from .76 to 1.00, some though only if it is 1.00 and over. So that is probably correct what your doctor is telling you. As long as the mitosis was low too, there should be little worry. Were there any other factors? Where is it located, are you male or female?


    Dear Catherine, thank you very much for your reply.

    I’m 42 years old, with blonde hair, white skin and green eyes and I’m a healty male.

    I have a lot of moles of in the whole body.

    The lesion is in the backside of the shoulder, near the scapula.

    Another factor coul be that my father (74) has melanoma too, in the ear skin, with ulceration and some mitoses. His lesion is under investigation too.


    Hi all,

    Two days ago, I went to another surgeon who said that 0.9 is the same as 1. So he will do both LSB and enlargement next week



    Hi all, some news.

    In february i did enlargement and LSB.

    In march, the oncologist told me that the results was “all negative”.

    Now I have to go to dermatologists for routine follow up.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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