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    Hello to all-My husband and I are new to this site, but not new to melanoma! 2010 surgery to remove a large tumor from his neck,along with a parotid gland that tested positive for melanoma. He was treated with interferon for a year and all was great until last summer when there were spots found on his lung. They were removed in November of 2013, after the surgery, he just wasn’t feeling any better(headaches, nausea, culminating in a frightening incident on Thanksgiving Day involving his memory). Testing revealed 2 metastasis in his brain, one involving his eyesight, one involving short term memory and word recall. He is currently being treated with Yervoy, having had one treatment. Our problem is his appetite-he just doesn’t like anything! I’m a cook by trade and I can make anything(and will! :) ) but this is a new challenge. Any tips you folks can give would be so very appreciated! And anything we can answer for anyone else, please feel free. We aren’t experts, but we have been thru some of this and maybe we can offer some insight. Thank You all so much and keep the faith!

    Catherine Poole

    Is he on steroids? That can affect appetite in either direction. I would work on getting his blood sugar up too. Otherwise, please discuss with the doctor and an associated nutritionist.


    TY-I never thought of a nutritionist!


    When I was experiencing no appetite on Yervoy I bought the small cups of Yogurt and my husband made me pudding in small portions. If someone tried to get me to eat regular portions it would seem overwhelming and I would end up eating nothing. I also bought the Breakstones cottage cheese with the fruit in the divided containers. My Oncologist said not to worry about the nutrition but just get calories in. It would only take 5-6 bites to finish any of these and I felt better just having food in my body. It’s very hard not having an appetite. I know- lots of people would love this but it’s no fun because you feel so rundown. Hope this helps.

    Mary Sue


    The combo of my most two ipi infusions, my current third. colitis attack, long term prednisone, etc., steroidal myothapy, has reaked havoc with my appetite. And, I find that there have been some fairly conflicting dietary instructions from the hospital nutritionist and my onc team. This might not be true if you are not subject to all of these side effects from the Ipi, but be careful. One thing that an onc nurse suggested to me are Boost protein drinks. They have been a great find for me.

    Best of luck on regaining appetites. It is a struggle when everything tastes lousy.


    So many great suggestions…smaller portions…keeping up blood sugar..I went through the same thing during my first course of Yervoy…I too have cooked for a living and both my parents were chefs. I would sit there…look at the food and could not make the connection between appetite and picking up the fork and actually eating. I had to eat according to the clock…”Oh it’s noon..better eat” A nurse friend of mine told me whatever appealed to me … smoothies, maybe pasta…anything, put at least a tablespoon of olive oil on it…try to get as much good fat into my diet as possible. Also she suggested I consume whole milk dairy products…milk, ice cream, yogurt etc. Eventually…my appetite righted itself…and now almost 4 years later I do work with a nutritionist…one who has lived with cancer.

    Good luck!




    I am sorry to hear about your husband’s appetite. When I go to bed I leave a cup of water on the kitchen counter overnight (I find I can drink it quicker if it’s room temp). Next to the water I have a bowl of mixed nuts and I take a handful every morning when I drink my water. I don’t even think about it; it’s like brushing my teeth. I have found that making it part of my daily routine works best. I don’t know if this will help your husband, but it might.

    Good luck to both of you.


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