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    Hi All

    Spent a small fortune on Solumbra jacket only to have it ruined by staining sunscreen. I applied it properly, I think 60 minutes before going outside making sure it was dry before I got dressed. Have other new clothes that I don’t want to ruin. Anyone have any suggestions on a good NONSTAINING SUNSCREEN? Trying to do everything right isn’t always easy, is it?



    Hi Nicky,

    I hope your jacket isn’t ruined. If the sunscreen stained the jacket at the neckline, perhaps you could try “Shout” stain remover or a similar product. I get sunscreen on my clothing (neckline, sleeves, base of shorts or capris) after every practice/training outing here in sunny Texas. As long as you didn’t let the suncscreen sit on the fabric for days, the stains should come out by applying Shout or a similar product. If you already put the jacket through the dryer cycle without having first laundered it with stain remover, the suncreen stains may not remove nicely or at all.

    I checked Solumbra’s website and they advised to avoid bleach and Woolite. If you’re worried about what a particular stain remover might do, I suppose you could call and ask them.

    If there is an upside to your jacket having been ruined (I hope that it isn’t, but if it is), it’s that you made at least one person (me) aware of the Solumbra line. If these guys can run through Death Valley (sometimes 120+F) in their gear, I ought to be able to wear it here when I compete since the summer temps are often only in the 90’s, with a heat index of say 95-118F. So, thanks! :)

    I can’t recommend any non-staining sunscreens. Haven’t yet discovered them myself. Applied as directed, they all stain (in my experience). Plus, I actually now seek good quality ones with tint for my face to try and cut down on the Bozo the Clown, Casper the Ghost, Joker from Batman effect.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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