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    Just want to say I hope everyone here in the Northeast is safe and sound…just shoveled a path for the dog to get out her dog door and we definitely got three feet here in Northwest Connecticut…now she’s out there having a good old time..I really learn a lot about life from that girl 😆

    Catherine Poole

    Lucky us, only had one inch, but cold and windy! Somehow we missed this one! Hope Jonathan is faring well too! Some folks were disappointed, the young at heart wanted to go sledding. My farm suffers too dearly with large snows, I have to dig pathways for everyone including the chickens, so not sorry we missed this one.


    West Central Connecticut here…weather service reports 36.2 inches. Because of storm doors on house they open out. Quite a sight watching me squeeze out a narrow opening I was able to make because of the snow blocking it.

    Got quite a sunburn over my eyes where my mask did not cover (don’t tell Dr. Pavlick).

    Hope to finish shoveling tomorrow as I needed to stop earlier becajuse of the wind.



    Catherine…you really didn’t miss much…this was definitely historical…I think we got a winter’s total in one snowfall…and when you have animals, it does get interesting :) I was in Jonathan’s neck of the woods last night and they received considerably less snow. Like Dick, we got about three feet…

    Dick, the visual of you squeezing through your front door…ha! ha! I won’t mention a word to Dr. Pavlick…you could just say it’s windburn :)


    Got about 2 feet here in WMass. Spent a bunch of time snow blowing the driveway. The plow guy got stuck in the driveway at 3am and I had to help dig him out. He hasn’t come back to finish the job,lol.

    With the little snow/freezing rain storm we got today it took me 4 hours to drive in to MGH this AM…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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