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    I posted last March when I was waiting for results that came back as a spitz nevi. Shortly after that, I had 2 severely dysplasic moles removed on my left arm/shoulder.

    Six months later, I went back to the dermatologist and he took 7 biopsies. Six came back fine (mildly dysplastic), but one-on my neck–came back severely dysplastic. I had that removed on the 13th by a plastic surgeon.

    The mole on my neck was not there at all in January 2012, but by July it was severely dysplastic.

    I know there is conflicting research on whether dysplastic nevi are more likely to turn into melanoma. However, does the number of dysplasic nevi change that?

    Is it enough to be seeing the same dermatologist I saw for acne when I was 15, or should I be seeing a specialist? (I do love him and think he is one of the best!)

    Is there any relation between the spitz nevi and the severely dysplastic moles–or are they two, really separate things?

    Is it normal for me to worry about what they could be missing?

    I have vitalago which is a auto-immune skin condition–could this condition be related at all to these dysplastic nevi?

    Thanks for any help/guidance you might be able to provide. I know most of you are dealing with things far worse, so I apologize ahead of time for what you might consider small worries/issues.


    Lisa P

    Please don’t apologize. I totally understand how stressful all of this must be for you. If you review my other posts, you’ll see that I also question the relationship of atypical dysplastic nevi to melanoma (of which I’ve had three). At any rate, I’m in a very similar position as you are and look forward to folks who are knowledgable on this subject to chime in. In the meantime, take good care and remain vigilent about seeing your doctor (or doctors). Lisa

    Catherine Poole

    Spitz nevi and dysplastic nevi are not the same or similar, two different types of moles, both benign. Sounds like you do need to be followed closely with your complicated conditions. No reason to worry about posting here with questions! I think you are in good hands with your dermatologist and should melanoma be found it would be very early. I would also find out who does the pathology and possibly get a second opinion if you are concerned.


    Hi there,

    You’ve already gotten good advice, but i just wanted to add – have you ever looked at people’s moles/spots while at the pool? I bet only 1/2 of them get skin checks. The other 1/2 has no idea they have atypicals. I see what I would bet are atypicals on people all the time! I notice because of my history. An atypical is not melanoma and may never turn into melanoma. Heck, even a melanoma in situ may never evolve to a cancer with metastatic potential. You have been warned by your skin to keep a special eye on it…for CHANGE. If it isn’t changing, no need to biopsy it. Wishing you the best!


    Right on, Worrywart. My derm told me if he did a biopsy on all of my moles that about 8 out of 10 would be atypical or dysplastic. Unless i see change, it is unlikely I’ll have any problems. Diagnosed at 60, lets face it- unlikely i will live to be 100.;-) if i did those moles might give me trouble, he said. I swear, he said this.


    Ever since my diagnosis, I seem to look at other’s mole too. I actually had a nother teacher come to me and wanted me to look at her moles. She did hve a mole that was a bit ulcerated. She took my advice and went to the dermatologist. Ended up having to get over thirty moles removed and three of them, including the one I mentioned were Basal Cell. If I see something suspicious, I am going to continue to speak up.

    Catherine Poole

    With our new knowledge, I feel we all have a responsibility to point out suspicious lesions on friends, family and strangers! The best that can happen is you will save a life!

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