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    does anyone know how to find a nursing place that my husband could be admitted to where they actually work with the patient instead of letting them lay around? we’re in NJ.

    He has severe muscle weakness and fatigue we think is from yervoy. I think he needs more help with his cognition, walking, exercises, etc. Plus I’m ready to collapse from exhaustion. He was diganosed with several brain tumors (metlanoma) on Thanksgiving.


    Where in NJ are you located? My husband also had brain and spinal mets w/similar muscle weakness. I think someone else already suggested checking for pituitary/thyroid function to evaluate potential ipi-induced (and treatable) side effects. In my husbands case, his hormone levels were fine but he was prescribed home care w/a nurse and physical therapist coming several times a week. The PT was incredibly helpful for a while. You may also want to look at rehab centers. After my husband suffered a debilitating seizure, he was scheduled to be transferred to Good Shepherd Rehab Center in Phila, PA. I’ve heard great things about hte program, though my husband didn’t make it through the program. If you are in S. Jersey, it may be worth exploring.

    I’m happy to answer any additional questions if I can. I’ve been there and I remember how exhausting it was… Best of luck.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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