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    I have been “missing in action” for a while off the forum. Good to get back on & “se” old and new friends with this diagnosis. I am stage 3b – with 2 other melanomas that were stage 1. Other health problems keep me running to the doc, with melanoma always in mind. I have kidney stones & have been diagnosed with parathyroid disease, but surgery was more than tense, wondering what they would find…No mel. In there, yay!

    On to my question- my 14 yo found brown spots around her blue iris. 2 of them actually (smeared) into her sclera. The eye doc sent her straight to Mayo Ocular Oncologist. She has 4 moles in her eye! Because my melanoma is “familial”, and I have multiple melanomas, they did treat this finding seriously. In the end, a retina specialist and ocular oncologist met and gave us the option to wait & see, or have the 4 moles removed. They said they will grow and turn darker til she is 20 yo, duento hormones. She would need these ohitos and close observation. (But the changes that you look for with melnoma are expected?). We have decided to have the surgery, she will be put to sleep and all 4 moles removed and biopsied. They are all in one eye. We are at peace, even though they said hownrare it would be for them to be melanoma in a teen…. Because we keep hearing how rare my mult melanomas are! We will schedule surgery for March…after basketball season. :-).

    To make it more frustrating, my 16 yo son showed me a mole in his eye last night!! Grrr.

    I take pics and we will have him seen too. I pray that my kids don’t have this (I have 8 beautiful children :-)



    Btw- I am 18 month NED on PET and negative MRI of brain in Dec. I have been having a lot of headaches, especially when I wake up. I had a mitotic rate of 4 and micro mets when diagnosed, so I am VERY grateful to be 18 months out with no recurrence. :-)

    Catherine Poole

    Folks do get moles on their eyes but ocular melanoma is rare. Does your family have dysplastic nevi syndrome? Many funny looking moles? My husband has that and his mother had melanoma. Sounds like your daughter is being followed properly and I hope the eye surgery goes well. Happy to hear your son will get follow up too. Lots of stress for you, I’m sorry for that.

    Shirley Z

    Hi Nancy,

    Its good to hear from you. Happy to hear you are doing well as far as the melanoma is concerned.

    Hoping that everything goes well for your daughter and she can soon put all of this behind her. Its hard not to worry, especially when its your kids.

    Keep us posted on everything.

    Shirley Z

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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