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    I was poking around online for ASCO news and found this. Perhaps something to put on the “Plan B” list.

    OncoSec Impresses With Phase 2 Melanoma Results At ASCO 2014

    Posted on June 2, 2014 by Terry Chrisomalis Every year a whole bunch of biotech companies that target cancer as an indication are invited to present some of their data at ASCO, also known as American Society of Clinical Oncology. Typically companies with substantial new data are allowed to present poster data that highlight their key compound and how well it helped patients that deal with a specific type of cancer. A lot of companies had a great showing but we are going to take a look at OncoSec Medical (OTCBB:ONCS). Typically big companies are highlighted for ASCO but OncoSec may have a huge breakthrough help for patients with advanced melanoma.

    Melanoma is a type of skin cancer, and that skin cancer in the advanced stage can lead to death. OncoSec takes part of its platform from Inovio because it utilizes the electroporation device that is responsible for briefly opening up the T-cells in the body so that the antigen may enter those T-Cells and give certain instructions. The key difference from Inovio though is that OncoSec has created their own vaccine known as IL-12 that is a specifically built antigen to code inside the body’s own T-Cells. Also OncoSec doesn’t create Synthetic DNA like Inovio does so the companies do have their own key differences.

    This trial data presented at ASCO 2014 was a Poster Presentation ASCO Abstract # 9025 with the title ” Systemic anti-tumor effect and clinical response in a Phase 2 trial of intratumoral electroporation of plasmid interleukin-12 in patients with advanced melanoma”. The phase 2 trial enrolled 30 patients for the study, but only 28 were evaluated for an Objective Response Rate (ORR). An Objective response rate is improvement in quality of life for the patient and that their mortality slightly decreases over a time period. The ORR response rate came in at 32% of evaluable patients or 9 out of 28 patients. This is a pretty good rate if you think about it, because remember these patients are at an already advanced stage of Melanoma when they entered this trial. To see such a nice response at this stage of the game is amazing, and should be noted that this immunotherapy technology can lead to treatments for other types of Cancer. There was also an 11% or 3 out of 28 patients that had a Complete Response Rate (CR) which is downright amazing. Complete Response rate just doesn’t deal with improving quality of life for the patient that deals with cancer, complete response means removing the cancer from the patient completely eradicating it.

    The following Data highlights the tumor lesions themselves while the data Above was based of the ORR at 24 weeks in patients by using the RECIST 1.1 Criteria. The Recist Criteria is a tool that is used to measure ORR in patients being treated for Cancer. Of the 85 evaluated lesions, 38 of the lesions saw a Complete Response Rate. This data is remarkable and we think that investors still have a long term opportunity to get into the stock and appreciate a higher share price in the future. There are a few rare OTC stocks that are good but the majority of the time you have to go out and find them. OncoSec was out in the open presenting at one of the biggest Cancer conferences of the year ASCO 2014. Sure investors can appreciate the share price rising from where it is now at $0.84 per share, but long term value of this company passing a phase 3 can be so much more than currently be imagined. Plus in the addition we must consider that eventually like other biotechnology stocks the company should want to try and attempt to up list their company stock to a national exchange to get more exposure. Whether you are a short term trader or a long term buyer OncoSec medical provides the ability to make money on both ends of the spectrum. More on the press release for the news from ASCO 2014 can be found here, and we encourage investors to visit OncoSec’s website to learn more about the company itself. Invest Wisely, and Remember ” Due Diligence Creates The Best Picks In The Biotech Sector”!

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