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    There is a TERRIBLE book available on Amazon Kindle books… “A Cure For Skin Cancer… Maybe…” by some joker “Ross Maclean”.

    I am going to give him a one-star book review, because I can’t give it any less than one star… (one star, out of five stars)

    If you think it is as bad as I do, you should do a book review too.

    He takes his moles off by puncturing them with a needle and then he puts on oxygen peroxide and baking soda, to make it “alkaline”… If it IS a melanoma, he would spread it into the rest of his body by puncturing it with needles.

    And then he dares to WRITE A BOOK about it, to TEACH this abomination to others!

    I copy and paste a short bit from this horror-story remedy:

    “I knew I had to be aggressive so I surmised that if I could get the peroxide sub-dermal (under the skin) it may be able to fight off whatever cancer is.   I decided I would sterilize a pin and had my eleven year old Daughter poke the ring mark about twenty to thirty times so it would bleed (as shown in pictures).   She then held a cap full of peroxide tightly over it for about two-five minutes, it bubbled minutes, it bubbled so much that it was pressurizing the cap and she had a hard time holding it as you could hear the occasional hisss of air shoot out. After removing the cap she dabbed baking soda on it.

    My thinking was that the baking soda would have an easier access to the affected area thru the tiny holes and make the area alkaline thus killing whatever cancer is. After two days the tiny scabs came off and the new skin was white just like any recently healed skin. I had my daughter repeat this every 2-3 days for 3-4 weeks, each time the ring disappearing little more and more until it was totally gone.

    Maclean, Ross (2012-08-22). A Cure for Skin Cancer…Maybe. Kindle Edition. “


    WTF? 😯

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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