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    I saw my oncologist earlier this week and my recent scans continue to show NED status! I am now 1 year NED & 2.5 years since my stage 4 diagnosis and start of treatment (clinical trial with Ipi 10 mg – total 6 infusions). I continue to feel great. It’s amazing what I have been able to experience & be apart of over the past 2+ years with my 3 sons (ages 16 – 21) and wife – all the kids milestones/holidays/25th anniversary and just regular days – everyday truly is a blessing!! Next Tuesday I get to celebrate my 53rd Birthday.

    I realize I have been extremely fortunate and blessed thus far to be one of the ipi responders. I am very hopeful & encouraged by the recent pooled analysis of the various ipi clinical trials (see “Pooled Analysis Reinforces Long Term Survival….. 10/3/13 posting on MRF forum). I continue to keep everyone battling this disease & their families in my prayers. I also hope and pray that if & when I need to resume treatment that I have the strength and courage demonstrated by so many here.


    Congrats Tom,

    I started IPI 2 days ago on a Nivo/IPI sequential trial so your post is very timely and encouraging. Thanks for taking the time to post and give others hope. Glad to hear you are enjoying life.


    Catherine Poole

    Always like to start my day with happy news!


    Hi Tom, what wonderful news, congratulations! indeed these info are giving us a lot of hope!

    My sister finished her last infusion of yervoy on 16 october . Maybe is too early , but her melanoma progress fast and I am very worried that she cannot even begin the anti-PD1 trial if her condition is getting worst.

    The article you have posted is also is giving a lot of hope.

    Still.. in order to ”arrive” there (to survival) one has first to respond to Yervoy. The responses rates are not so high unfortunately. I heard about different percentages e.g between 15 and 25-28 %. Is because are used different concentrations ?What do you know about this? And how long took for you to respond to yervoy (weeks, months)?

    Any comment is welcome.

    My best wishes!


    So wonderful to read about good results. Way to go!

    I am hoping for similar results after failing over the last 7 + months to get into a nivolumab trial due to brain mets. My first post Yervoy scan is in the middle of January. Who says patience is a virtue?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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