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    I saw a highly regarded dermatologist after my mole came back Clark’s level 4, but before the WLE & SNB which showed micromets in one node. She looked at my moles with a magnifying glass and thought they were all ok. However, I am becoming more and more paranoid and want several removed anyway. I’ve had a total of eight removed over the years, but only one was melanoma. I am fair skinned and have a LOT of moles. And now I worry over them all.

    Can anyone relate to this? Did you have more moles removed after your diagnosis?

    I want a skin transplant!


    I just had two removed a few weeks ago. My diagnosis on primary was last July. These two came back as dysplastic nevi. They were removed because they had changed and they will have wle on them.

    I have many moles and freckles also. I take pictures of anything I think is changing and then take info to Dermatologist for an opinion.

    I don’t let it freak me out but at the same time I am diligent.

    Good luck.


    Catherine Poole

    The issue is that no one can predict what mole or piece of skin may turn up into a melanoma one day. So the best way to catch it early is with whole body photography. Watch for change. Taking them all off won’t guarantee anything, but I understand why you might want that! Skin transplants are hard to come by 😆


    Thanks for the morning giggle…

    I think we all can relate to being a bit paranoid. I have had many moles/crusty things removed removed both before and after my dx. About 75% were either atypical or Basel cell. If there is something really bothering me, my derm will remove it even though he doesn’t think it is anything. I just ask him to humor me and remove it anyway.

    As time goes on you will be less paranoid but still vigilant. Vigilant is good.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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