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    Here is some of my path report from when they found microscopic cells on my lymph node after saying it was clear….

    * focus of hmb-45 and mart-1-positive cells

    *. Microscopic examination reveals an enlarged lymph node. Just under the capsule- there is a focus of hmb-45 and mart-1 positive cells. These cells are not seen on the H/T/E or s-100 or sox -10 stains. These cells are compared with the original melanoma biopsy. The morphology of some of the original biopsy melanoma is similar to these findings and these findings are consistent with a small focus of metastatic melanoma.

    Does this make any sense to any of you??


    Also- at 3a…. Is interferon the only option? I’ve been trying to look around pretty hard and haven’t come up with any other treatment besides the watch and wait.

    Catherine Poole

    There are very few clinical trials for stage III, it is hard to measure whether anything is working and the new therapies probably will move to stage III applications. But in the meantime, watch and wait is viable and surgery has the best outcome.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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