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    Good afternoon,

    I have a history of skin cancers and had 2 melanoma insitu spots removed 6 months ago. During my last check up I had 2 more spots removed that have come back needed to be excised further. I will not be able to see my dermatologist until next week for excise but wanted to get feedback from the goup on my pathology report. I am a little worried as the dermapathologist wrote a paragraph and I dont understand most of what was written. Pathology report states:

    Biopsy1:There are increased numbers of melanocytes at the juntion. The melanocytes are arranged in a lentiginous pattern but do not exhibit confluent crowded growth. Upward spread is minimal. The rate pattern is partially altered and I do not see concentric or lamellar fibroplasia. Some degree of melanocytic atypia is noted. Classification is difficult given the absence of conspicous nesting and typical dysplastic nevus architecture. The growth pattern could be seen in melanocytic hyperplasia or as a manifestation of melanocytic intraepermal neoplasm or early tumor progression. I do not see a daignostic dermal melanocytic component. There is fibrosis in this nevus so that it is difficult to determine whether some of the atypia is related to the dysplasia or whether some of these changes many represent a recurrent or persistant nevus effect in previously traumatized melanocytic nevus. In these sections margins are involved

    Biopsy2: There are melanocytes at the junction with fibrosis beneath which dermal component is noted. A patchy infiltrate of lymphocytes is present. Melanocytes are arranged in nests within the dermis. There is slight melanocytic atypia. This correlates with a traumatized melanocytic nevus which exhibits patterns of regrowth. In the propper setter it can represent a recurrent melanocytic nevus. These changes extend to the base of the biopsy.

    Catherine Poole

    Neither indicate melanoma as far as I can tell. Melanocytes are normal, dysplasia can be normal as well as hyperplasia. There is some mention of tumor progression but it doesn’t seem definitive. But nowhere does it state melanoma diagnosis. I would ask why they removed these lesions in the first place? Was there a sign of change?


    There is nothing overly alarming in the pathology reports. He/she is looking for the characteristics of malignancy, but coming up short. The lesions show some signs of aytpia, but no obvious malignancy.

    You can always get a second opinion on pathology if you feel the dx is in question. I am sorry you’ve been diagnosed with two in situs. Thinking of you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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