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    Here at sloan waiting for round 2 of pd1. Was told my bilirubin was elevated. It’s always going up and down while on treatment. 3 weeks ago it was 1.3 today it was 2.1. Have others experienced their liver levels go up and down while on PD1?

    Still think I’m getting treatment but then are going to check it again in a week. Other than that most of my blood levels looked good. My LDH went up since last week. I’ve had a horrible head cold the last week… no fun!

    Hope all my East Coast peps were safe in the storm. We got about 10″ where I live.



    Catherine Poole

    Good to hear from you! I guess this is common with many of the therapies. Hoping for a great response for you!


    Hi Erin,

    While I am not on PD1, my bilirubin has been acting like a yo-yo lately. I ended up having to go off Zelboraf for a week when I went to 2.1. I was told a virus could cause an increase. Perhaps your head cold is virus based and that is some of the reason for your increase.

    Ha, 10″ of snow pretty whimpy; I got our car out this afternoon – 36.2″ for me.

    Hope everything works out for you.



    Catherine – thanks! Been a bit MIA with a head cold and traveling for work. Round 2 of PD1 seems to have gone ok so far. Other than being there ALL day! Got there around 9:30am and left around 3:30/4pm. All for a 30 minute infusion!

    And Dick – yeah I know CT got a ton! Glad you’re ok. I was sorta bummed we didn’t get more… but then I realize it’s a blessing because where would I walk my dogs? and lots of it melted today since it was raining…

    I have heard that with these drugs the liver levels can yo-yo a bit. Mine seems to do that all the time. I’ll go in on Monday for another check to see where they are at. I’m sure my cold hasn’t helped the situation!

    Never a dull moment in the world of Melanoma, right?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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