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    Hey Gang –

    So had round #3 on Monday. So far so good… they all seem to think I’m doing great. Since I don’t seem to have any tumor pain anymore and my appetite is great again!

    I’ve noticed since yesterday that I am getting a slight ringing in my ear… or maybe I’m just imaging it :) Who knows, right? Stress and anxiety can be a horrible rotten beast and play games with us :) Just curious as to what other side effects folks have gotten from anti-pd1. Or maybe it’s just left over from my horrible head cold and bit of sinus infection I still have.

    Still feeling a bit like a lab rat at appointments… but as long as the drug works, who cares, right? Scans have been scheduled for April 12th and results April 15th! Tax day and Treatment #5!


    Catherine Poole

    All sounds good Erin. I had an ear ringing issue and went through a full exam with ENT only for him to tell me it happens and they don’t know why. He suggested to always have background noise playing. I think it relates to my seasonal allergies but he did say I have the hearing of a twenty year old! Now I liked that. Hope all remains calm on the tumors and looking forward to seeing you in April!


    Hi Catherine – Thanks for the note! Yeah it’s not continuous. Just noticed it briefly yesterday. And you know how it goes, once you notice something you can’t let it go for awhile! lol! But I have noticed since I moved to Jersey that every Feb/Mar I get a horrible case of sinus pressure/congestion which brings on things like eye floaters and migraines etc. Then it goes away.

    And looking forward to April – hopefully we will also be celebrating good scans!! :)

    And never hurts to be told you have the traits of a 20 year old :)


    Hi Erin and Catherine,

    My husband also finished round 3 of PD-1 and is feeling better than when he started but has developed a breathing problem. He stopped his next round of treatment to give his body a rest. He currently is undergoing all kinds of tests including a bronchoscopy to make sure he didn’t develop any pneumonia or pnemonitis which is a real side effect concern. He has been on steroids for two weeks and the breathing problem has disappeared but we are still waiting for the results to make sure all is well. In the mean time, I’m happy to say he is feeling better, eating better and the nodules in his lungs are slightly reduced so that is always a good sign. I’m sure it’s nice to feel better again. I am thrilled to see my husband not in pain as well. We actually went out to lunch today for the first time in 6 months :D Good luck with the treatment….Eve

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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