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    It all happened so fast. After the second infusion of PD1 they have decided that my husband Dave is progressing to rapidly to continue. It has moved to his spine causing a compression fracture in vertebrea, also to pelvis and liver. It is surreal. As christians our faith is what carrying us through. We know God has a plan and he will guide and give us peace during this very challenging time. We are going to try to go back on zelboraf (which we have done) and add Mek inhibitor to see if it may add any time and comfort. They don’t believe he could handle the tils therapy nor do we have the time. He has been in the hospital since Monday battling kidney and pain issues. They have said it may be 2 weeks it may be 2 months. I appreciate all the information and people that have shared there stories and lives. What a blessing it has been. God bless you all! May you all have peace during these trying times.

    Dave & Holly Rahn

    Catherine Poole

    This is a tough situation, and I am sorry for the delay in response. There was the hopeful ADC treatments, but they have been dropped by the pharma. I would work hard on controlling the pain, with radiation, and possibly other means, such as an epidural? Pain makes us lose strength and needs to be kept under control and managed carefully. Which PD1 was he on? I hope your path becomes smoother as the days go on and you are taking care of yourself.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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