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    I’m new here and really scared. I have found a black 7mm wide spot on the tip of my big toe. I discovered the spot on 11/25 and have been to my pharmacist and gp both thought it was nothing to be concerned about since it has none of the ABCD but after the gp consulting his melanoms book it looked a bit like a nodular melanoma. I’m so petrified but keeping a strong appearance as I have an 8mth old and a 2 and a half yr old. I think the worst part is being able to see it. I’m obsessing over it taking pics daily, hourly to make sure it’s not growing or changing in the hope that it will just fade and be the blood blister my sister thought it is. I’m seeing a dermatologist tomorrow and it can’t come sooneenough I’m so scared. I’ve been reading and reading and don’t really get all the numbers. Can anyone explain it to me in simple terms what they all mean and survival rates etc? Thank you for reading I just needed somewhere to vent my fears as talking about it is too stressful. I can supply pics of the spot if anyone’s interested in possibly giving their views on whether or not it’s a nodular melanoma. I’m preparing for the worst and hoping for a blood blister.

    Catherine Poole

    Only a pathologist will be able to tell if this is something, so glad you are going for the biopsy. Could be acral melanoma but also could be nothing. Let us know what the dermatologist says. And by all means try to relax, and get some counseling help to get through this time. We’ll be here to help you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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