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    At my most recent full body scan Monday I inquired about a mole on the bottom of my foot that the dermatologist noted last time. I am not sure what she called it last time but she measured it at 4mm. As she was checking me over she seemed to kind of skim over the area and that is when I asked her if there was a cause for concern being that she noted it. Of course having a stage 1 melanoma, in situ, a severely dysplastic nevus resulting in a WLE and SEVERAL biopsies, I understand that not every little thing she notes is something or will ever turn into something.

    She took a closer look and discovered that although the size didn’t change the coloring did. It is sort of oblong and a few different pigments within. She said she saw some blue coloring and that it did change some. It was removed for a biopsy via a shave. From what I have learned a shave is not typically used when melanoma is suspected so that gives me some hope. My question is, those who have had planter melanoma how did it go? Was the WLE right there in the office and how was healing time? This particular spot is right below two of my toes where I would suspect that if she had to cut more it would without a doubt have to extend into my toes.

    Catherine Poole

    Melanoma on the sole of the foot can be acral lentiginous melanoma. I’m glad she did a biopsy, but melanoma or not, I would prefer a deep shave biopsy to get the proper margins. Hope it turns out to nothing, but do let us know.


    I will share my experience – I have two freckles/moles on the sole of my foot that are watched. I had a new mole grow on palm of my hand, it grew rather quickly so it was biopsied and it was totally benign. Best wishes!


    Had a mole on the bottom of my foot (approx. 1 cm). Was actually a birthmark that’s been there forever. Something was bothering me about it although there was no size increase or change in shape or color. 2 dermatologists told me it looked fine. I asked the second one to just take it out. Low and behold the punch biopsy showed it was a nodular melanoma, 4.5 mm deep. Had the SLNB (negative), 2 skin grafts and a 5 cm WLE (margins clear). The surgery was done at a cancer center. It was 2 months before I was even allowed to stand. The initial punch biopsy was about 10 days before I could walk without discomfort. I’m stage 2B.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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