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    Hi, I have a dark brown line approx. 2.5mm running the length of my fingernail on my index finger. I am a Caucasian female – 31 years old.

    I went to the doctor, who sent me directly to a specialist who recommended a biopsy. She could see that I was hesitant and offered that I might be able to watch for changes for 3 months instead, she did not give much much info. How big of a risk is waiting these three months??

    I have a small vertical line on my middle finger also and a faint one on my thumb – does this reduce my risk??

    I have spent days trawling the internet and obsessing over this and really could use a little guidance in the right direction 😥



    Can only share my story: (4 years ago skin-melanoma-female Caucasian – then 57 years old)

    8 monts ago: Had a 3 mm black line in my toenail, beginning from 1/3 from the nail bed. It appeared like a train: stopped and started again, so it was not a continuous line. Went to my derm (specialized in melanoma). She took a picture and asked me to come back in 4 weeks. She told me it was not looking like a melanoma.

    4 weeks later: she could see it was growing out, but was not sure if it was blood coming from a laesion- maybe melanoma. So another picture was taken, followed by another check-up after 2 months, By that time it was clear that it was growing out, and days later I could take a black part out out with tweezers. Took a last picture: case closed. Now the nail is back to normal.

    My advice: find a specialist in melanoma, and take pictures yourself. The fact that it appears on more nails looks like a sign its not a melanoma, but you should be 100% certain.



    Have you googled splinter hemorrhage? Esp since it appears on more than one nail.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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