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    I had one mole excised in the dermatologist office . biopsy was melanoma but the got it all. or so he said.

    on 3 month follow up he found another mole about 1 inch away, biopsied and found melanoic. he sent me to a surgeon, Now these mole are on my back so I am clueless about where they were and what they looked like,

    Each visit, to the suregon, to the oncologist, to the nuclear medicine for sentinal node biopsy, to pre-op, to the anethseologsit. started off with the question: where is the mole which is the mole? i was a little puzzled because the first mole surely had a scar, he used sutures, but the second mole i guess he scrapped off.

    morning of the surgery had me googling my dermatogist to get his phone number to give to nuc med tech to figure out where to mark for die test.

    it was then that i started telling anyone and everyone in the hopsital that item in question was the one on the right, my right. Just to be sure i even told the janitorial crew.


    a post script.

    I was in admitting at the hospital where all the families sit waiting to hear about their loved ones. I was waiting to go into surgery.

    anywho, they have a lovely aquarium with about 50 exotic fish. takes up a good bit of space.

    I think you know where this is going. yes there was a dead fish floating around in the thing the 2 hours I was waiting…..it would sink and float up to the top and sink again, and all the other little fishes loved to nibble on the carcass.

    I think I could have seen that coming at say the design phase, but certainly any time since they built the hospital till last Friday someone could have had a re-think.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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