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    I have posted on this forum for advice on pregnancy after Melanoma and received help and advice regarding my concerns.

    Unfortunately, my anxiety has returned this weekend after reading an article on the Daily Mail website – a UK newspaper.

    It was about a brave and courageous lady from the US called Kathy Taylor who was diagnosed 7 years ago and had gone on to have 5 children but unfortunately during her 6th pregnancy, the melanoma returned taking her baby’s life and eventually hers.

    From reading the article, it isn’t clear what if any, symptoms she had been suffering from or if a mole had suddenly appeared. For me, I like to have as much information as possible and then I can cope with articles but the lack of details, cause me a lot of anxiety as my mind then goes In to overdrive!!!!

    Since reading this, my concerns of trying for a baby ( I suffered a miscarriage 18 months ago) have resurfaced as I feel the anxiety of carrying a baby with the chance that Melanoma could return, is too much to cope with.

    My partner is very understanding and he accepts that the anxiety that I feel regarding reoccurrence is far more greater than the need for a baby and he would prefer me to be mentally healthy.

    I had regular appointments with a Psychologist for cognitive behaviour therapy to help which was great, but sometimes, like today, I feel as if I am in a black hole that I can’t get out of.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated,


    Catherine Poole

    Cognitive therapy goes hand in hand with mindful meditation, keep it going! You can’t even guess why this other person had melanoma during pregnancy. But I can tell you research shows NO correlation between the two, except that younger women do get melanoma. Waiting until you feel comfortable about the idea is good. Best to be a relaxed mom, since babies in themselves can bring much stress and happiness into your life!


    I totally understand how you feel. I too suffered a miscarriage about 18 months ago and actually was diagnosed with the melanoma soon after my miscarriage. Despite how much I have read that they are not related, I struggle with the idea of getting pregnant again. To be safe, I have decided to wait 2 years just to be sure I do not have a reoccurance. I have been cancer free for 14 months now! If you want to connect via email, let me know.


    I read this article too but it was in techtimes. In that article it said:

    “In 2007, the Utah mom was diagnosed with stage 1 melanoma. Kathy underwent a simple excision and lymph node biopsy, and doctors believed that she did not have the cancer anymore. However, in 2014, while Kathy was pregnant again, she was advised that the cancer had come back.”

    What a scary thing to read about! I dont know if started as a mole or what, but to be told your dying from melanoma just 7 yrs after being told she was in the clear?! Very scary, but you just have to live life, a lot can happen, you shouldn’t worry too much. I just had a baby and plan on having one more in the next yr or two and I can tell you It’s definitely worth the risk! Having a baby has just made my life so wonderful. You shouldn’t miss out if you can help it.


    I was diagnosed with melanoma a couple of days ago and I’m pregnant – it’s already 24 weeks… My anxiety grows every day and whenever I come across an article about frightening cases of melanoma, I’m just overwhelmed with despair and fear. One of the articles described the case of a young mom who discovered that melanoma had spread throughout her body (during the time she was carrying her second child), she eventually died 3 weeks after her diagnosis. It’s so unfair… What can I do to keep calm? It’s a nightmare for my husband too.

    I’m so scared and I don’t know what to do…

    Carol Loomis

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    Catherine Poole

    First of all, let’s go over your pathology report. Are you high or low risk? What is the depth and mitotic value? Where was the melanoma located. I can tell you that I was four months pregnant when diagnosed with melanoma and it was indeed scary. I couldn’t eat! However, I am fortunate that it was fairly low risk and my son is now 30 years old! So tell me more about your diagnosis and we will get armed with information to combat your anxiety.

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