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    Can anyone tell me the prices of Yervoy and also an anti-PD1 in Europe or the UK? I can’t find it. It sounds as though Keytruda has been approved in the UK “with an undisclosed discount,” and that Yervoy may be about the same price (about $130,000 for the course of 4 infusions).



    I know this isn’t what you’re looking for but I start Keytruda this week in the US (Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa). The cost I could find is $12,000 USD a treatment/dose. I also looked at Ippi out of my pocket two years ago and it was $160,000 USD for the treatment plan.


    Good luck with that, Craig – it’s a good drug (not bad side-effects compared to Yervoy, and better response rate). I have found that different insurance plans here (US) have negotiated very different payment rates – sort of crazy- just a matter of clout. My plan pays $9,000 per treatment, another pays $35,000…..Hard to believe, but I’ve got the paperwork…


    Yeah. I’m in the U.S. In 2011 my hospital billed for over $300K for 4 Yervoy infusions. They were billing by the vial. My insurance knocked that down to $72K. List price as I understood it was $120K, so I don’t know what the hospital thinks they were doing. At 190 pounds I guess I was going to use a lot of vials.


    I know that Yervoy costs around 15000 euros for 200mg(3mg per kg is administrated) in Turkey and Slovenia, it can be bought there in few pharmacies with prescription.

    Some time ago, I enquired about antiPD-1 prices in Essen, Germany, and here is what they responded:

    – 1 course of pembrolizumab is about 6.600 euros(administered every 3 weeks)

    – 1 course of nivolumab is about 4.000 euros(administered every 2 weeks)

    I think that the prices are similar all over the Europe, but it is worth checking, maybe in some lower standard countries it could be a bit cheaper.

    I know that Zelboraf is substantially cheaper in Serbia, than in Germany and Austria(1400 euros comparing to 1800-2000 euros), although I am still not sure if the things in Serbia are straight and fair – it is logical that medicines are cheaper in Serbia so that they are more affordable for such low standard country, but the difference in price is too high, and the people through whom you have to go, in order to buy the medicine are a bit suspicious.

    I mean, the pills were genuine as they helped my father a lot, but for example, some blisters in the box are different than the others, while with Zelboraf bought in Germany all blisters are exactly the same.

    I hope that I helped at least a little bit. I heard that there is also a way to buy or get medicines in extended access programs through Idis Pharma, but I do not have any solid info on that.

    Catherine Poole

    This is very helpful! Thank you. I’m not sure if folks in the U.S. realize how difficult it is to get access to the latest therapies in the global community. The need is there though but not many have the financial resources to buy it out of pocket!


    I had 4 doses of Ipi Oct 2013 – Jan 2014 in UK, now NED (was Grade 4 M1(c) coupled with Gamma Knife for 2 small brain mets on 4 Dec 2014. In UK we all pay in (to retirement age) to “national Insurance, which covers a minimum retirement pension of about £115 a week, but also serious (non cosmetic) health care (NHS) which is “free” at time of use. My Ipi – 4 doses was, I believe, £20000 per dose so total £80000 or about $120000 , the Gamma Knife was £17000 ($25500).

    We have an advisory body “NICE” – that approves treatment for NHS, and there is a budget that somehow decides if a treatment can be afforded based on the extra months of active life, quite separate from the medical approval that is similar to the FDA.

    I believe that Keytruda is, over the dosage period, more expensive.


    Doesn’t answer your question Jonathan but my first dose of Yervoy was ordered by the hospital pharmacy (US)and I was billed $58,000 that my insurance refused to pay for 2 years b/c they didn’t use my mail order pharmacy. One dose! Everyone should check to make sure about benefits before starting. I think if I had to apply for a loan during that time I would have been denied. The hospital was not the culprit and were very understanding and appealed and appealed. I guess my insurance thought I would give in and pay. This was also just for the drug. They paid for the infusion itself?????

    Mary Sue

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