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    Hi all,

    It’s been a while since I last posted. Need some insight if anyone care relate. Had a pretty tough year last year (2) in-situ) and (1) “early” stage 1b. Just had my “routine” 3 mos exam and doctor noticed some pigmentation on one of my WLE scars (on my upper arm). She biopsied it and the results came back as follows:

    “Melanocytic hyperplasia and hyperpigmentation over a dermal cicatrix secondary to a prior biopsy or surgical procedure. Microscopic foci of Melan-A and MITF positive dermal cells”.

    Goes on to say the “dermal cells with Melan-A and MITF positivity seen in the current biopsy are not visualized on serial H&E levels obtained before and after the immunohistochemical levels. Their significance is difficult to establish. However, no overt cytological atypia or mitoses are seen. For these reasons the site should continue to be followed closely for repigmentation”.

    Doctor is going to a conference this weekend and plans on discussing results with colleagues. I am going in next Tuesday to have stitches removed and she said we’ll discuss what her colleagues thoughts are at that time. She is also going to biopsy two more moles that grew in size on my left leg since my last visit in November. Needless to say I am really starting to think that my body is starting to grown these melanomas at a rapid pace. I am also scheduled for my 6 month visit with Dana Farber Cancer Center in Boston at the end of March. Trying hard to maintain my sanity and keep a level head. Thanks for listening and any input greatly appreciated as always!

    Female – age 40

    (2) in-situ and (1) early stage 1b – Dx 2012

    Catherine Poole

    None of these finding indicate melanoma. I think you are finding very early hyperplasia, just some cells dividing. I can see why you would worry, but you and your doc are finding everything very early and curable. Let us know what the conference weighs in..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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