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    Hi, everyone.

    I’m hoping that one of you will be able to help me with a question that I have not been able to answer. It’s been almost 7 weeks since my lymphadenectomy in my left groin area, and I am starting to get some strength and mobility back. My question is, for those of you who are married, when were you able to have intercourse again without pain? My surgeon told me there are no restrictions at this point, but to be honest, I’m afraid of the possible pain and/or injury. My husband is by no means pressuring me; in fact, he’s probably more afraid of trying than I am. So I guess I’d like to know what a reasonable time frame would be. Thank you all in advance for your replies.



    It’s your body, so only you would know the appropriate time frame. If you can walk without pain, deal with your period without pain, and just go about your daily business without giving the surgery a second thought then you should be fine. ;)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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